This walnut end grain cutting board was created to use as a sample in the Maryland Wood Countertops shop and showroom area. The concept of “end grain” comes from the 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ cubes that can be seen on the top of the surface. This means that the end of the grain is exposed, rather than the face or edge of the grain, which is true in other construction styles. Many clients find end grain interesting in theory, but when they experience how busy the grain patterns and alternating colors actually are, they are quickly turned off. With the minimum end grain countertop thickness being 2-1/2″, this style of top immediately brings a bulky perspective. Although known as the typical “butcherblock” surface, end grain countertops that are finished in the butcherblock conditioner offer a great, strong chopping surface when it comes to kitchen work!

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