walnut butcher block countertopsWalnut butcher block countertops are a top choice because of their strength and durability. Black walnut is a popular wood choice because of its beautiful straight-grained look. When you choose a countertop for your home, you want to make sure that it will last. By working with premium custom builders, you can be sure that you receive a countertop that will bring a one-of-a-kind style to your property.

Walnut Countertops:

  • Come in many different color choices
  • Have a strength that you can rely on
  • Are easy to keep clean
  • Are the perfect countertops for preparing food on
  • Will help your knives to last longer
  • Are easy to repair
  • Will bring a warmth to your home

Walnut Butcher Block Countertops Come in a Variety of Colors

When it comes to black walnut, you can expect to find many different wood colors available. The sapwood of black walnut is going to be almost white, and the heartwood is going to be either a light or deep brown. You can often see purple and dark colors in this wood as well.

Strong Wood

Walnut is a strong and heavy wood. It’s hard and stiff, so you can trust it to hold all of your kitchen supplies with ease. As an added bonus, walnut is also shock resistant.

Walnut Butcher Block Countertops are Easy to Clean

It’s easy to care for walnut countertops. Keep vinegar or lemon juice nearby if you want to clean with natural products. You can also use a gentle cleaner and water to keep your countertops clean. Just wipe everything down and use a cloth to dry your countertops after you’re done.

Walnut Butcher Block Countertops are Perfect For Preparing Food

It’s nice when preparing food on butcher block countertops to be able to chop and dice foods directly on top of this type of surface. You can enjoy preparing foods quickly on a walnut countertop, and it will be able to withstand many, many years of use. Small scratches will give your countertop character and charm, and deep scratches can be repaired.

Choose a Good Oil for Your Walnut Countertops

It’s important to oil your countertops on a regular basis. You can use a food-grade oil with natural waxes, or you may want to use a finish that’s waterproof and heat-resistant.

Walnut Butcher Block Countertops Will Help Your Knives to Last Longer

If you prepare foods directly on your butcher block countertop, you can expect your knives to last longer than if you used many other surfaces. End grain and edge grain are perfect construction styles for this type of wood and will be easy on your knives each time you use them.

Easy to Repair

Walnut countertops are easy to repair if they even become too scratched or banged up. You can have them sanded down so that they look as good as new. After they have been sanded, it’s important for them to be oiled again too. You want to find the perfect finish so that your countertops will last for as long as possible.

Enjoy the Warmth that Comes from Wood

Walnut will give your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Along with bringing natural beauty into your home, this material is also warm to the touch. It makes the perfect countertop for any kitchen.

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