Reclaimed pine wood is versatile. It can be rustic enough for a log cabin style home or the perfect finishing touch for a traditional kitchen. Reclaimed pine wood countertops enhance every kitchen with their warm golden-brown color and intriguing grain.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

  • Stronger than new wood
  • Allows young trees more time to grow
  • Reduces waste
  • Has historical value

The Popularity of Reclaimed Wood

We Fabricatel Beautiful Reclaimed Pine Wood CountertopsReclaimed wood has been used for centuries. People reused wood whenever possible because cutting down trees and hand-planing lumber was tedious. Lumber mills made building easier, but woodworkers have always known that reclaimed wood has unique qualities.

Our reclaimed pine wood countertops come from old-growth trees. Old-growth wood is harder and stronger than new lumber. When you choose reclaimed pine for your countertops, you help protect old-growth forests. You also keep useful wood from becoming garbage, and you save a piece of history.

Your reclaimed pine countertops may have been built with wood from a general store or pub floor. Pine has always been a popular flooring choice because it can withstand wear and tear and still look beautiful. Reclaimed pine also comes from barns and old farmhouses.

With reclaimed wood, you get a unique, distressed piece that’s guaranteed to be a conversation-starter.

Reclaimed Pine Wood Countertops in New Kitchens

Reclaimed pine is versatile in terms of appearance and use. We recently fabricated a reclaimed pine island in a Washington, D.C., home to combine traditional and modern elements. This particular kitchen had white walls, white and stainless steel appliances, and modern lighting and decor. The pine’s prominent grain helped pull the kitchen’s various elements together.

Reclaimed pine countertops look wonderful in a predominately white kitchen. Reclaimed pine is often either a dark, warm brown or a bright amber color. It looks spectacular against a tile backsplash or slate floor.

Distressed reclaimed countertops add visual interest to modern and contemporary kitchens. Reclaimed pine brings color and texture to a kitchen with stone and stainless steel. Reclaimed pine wood countertops make an artistic statement, adding beauty to a minimalist kitchen. Functional art is always fascinating, and will surely inspire conversation.

Using and Cleaning Your Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Our clients often worry about damaging their reclaimed pine wood countertops. Don’t let that concern keep you from choosing reclaimed wood for your kitchen. We inspect every piece of reclaimed wood to ensure that it’s sturdy. We also make sure that no metal—like pieces of nails or screws—remains in the wood.

Normal food preparation won’t harm a strong reclaimed wood. If it wasn’t strong, it wouldn’t have survived decades of use or exposure to the elements. Placing dishes on it or using it as a dough rolling surface won’t damage the wood. For added protection, use potholders and trivets, and clean it with gentle dish soap and water.

We use Waterlox, an industry-leading, water-resistant finish, on all of our reclaimed pine countertops. Dry your reclaimed wood countertop thoroughly and use coasters for added longevity, but don’t worry about water damage. Avoid chemicals, especially bleach, and ask us about comparable substitutes.

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