Wood Island Tops Can Enhance Your Drab KitchenBy updating your kitchen, you are turning it from a drab room into a genuinely vibrant room. Even better, you’re also raising the value of your property. You can have fun spicing up your kitchen by adding wood island tops to your décor. They look good and can give you plenty of extra space when you need it the most.

Popular Wood Choices:

Find Quality Wood Island Tops

You can choose from all sorts of options until you find a wood top that will be just right for your needs. Oak is a great choice for a rustic look, cherry can give your home a sophisticated appearance, or go for maple if you want a charming look. Wood is known for its versatility and can go with any type of flooring or appliances.

Enjoy Wood Island Tops

You can enjoy the beauty of wood island tops with confidence. This type of material is going to be strong and sturdy. You will be able to put bags of groceries down on it, and it will give you the additional room that you need in your kitchen. By using all of the floor space you have available, you can enjoy having a functional kitchen that you will always appreciate.

Choose the Perfect Finish

It’s important to find a finish that will enhance the look of your wood and help it to last for as long as possible. Many wood island tops can be used to prepare foods on, so you may want to choose a food-grade mineral finish. You can have peace of mind when you are slicing meats and vegetables on your top. This type of finish can also repair the appearance of knife marks and prevent your top from drying out.

A tung oil-based finish is another excellent option. This type of finish can go on an island top that will not be used for cutting. It will bring out the rich colors in it and can offer waterproof qualities as well. If you want to protect your island top from heat, this type of oil can help. It will also allow your top to be stain-resistant.

Varnishes can help your island top to stay looking natural and amazing. You can enjoy the beautiful colors that this type of finish will offer. It’s another excellent option for you to consider when you’re looking for the perfect finish.

Accentuate Your Kitchen with Stylish Edge Profiles

Your island top should have an amazing looking edge profile that enhances the look of it. You can pick out a cove, ogee, eased edge, or bullnose look. You may also be tempted to try a live edge, convex, or deco edge profile. Each one has something unique to offer, so pick out the one that appeals to you the most.

Improve the Appearance of Your Kitchen

If you have an old-fashioned kitchen, a newly updated island top can be a wonderful investment. Consider all of the many activities you can perform on a top like this. You can add chairs to have additional seating for dinner parties or to create a place for you to study or just relax. A quality island top can also be used as extra surface space to slice and dice your vegetables with ease.

When you want to have a kitchen that you will look forward to using, adding customized wood island tops can be a great idea. You can have a top that will look good with everything in your kitchen, and you can enjoy having the extra space to work on.

Wood island tops are definitely the perfect way to improve a drab kitchen. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 and let’s discuss your design and build needs.