The Best Wood for Kitchen Countertops Depends on YouYou’ve decided on custom hardwood countertops because you want unique, quality countertops that add beauty and value to your home. Now you need to choose a species of hardwood for your new countertops. It’s important to understand the qualities of different hardwoods and how Maryland Wood Countertops builds and finishes different woods before you make a decision. It’s a good idea to learn the basics about hardwoods, reclaimed wood and butcher block to help you pick the best wood for your kitchen needs.

Finding the Best Wood for Kitchen Countertops is Preference

Walnut is a preferred hardwood among our clients. We recommend it when clients ask about the best wood for kitchen countertops because it’s sturdy and shock resistant. You can use your heaviest cleaver on your walnut countertop. Walnut’s resilience makes it a great choice for butcher block.

Walnut’s beautiful natural color variations make it many people’s choice for the best wood for kitchen countertops. Walnut’s colors range from pale yellow to dramatic gold to warm brown. Reclaimed walnut is a great choice when you want a reclaimed kitchen countertop that’s rustic but not too primitive in appearance.

Many clients with traditional kitchens consider maple to be the best wood for kitchen countertops. Maple is an excellent choice if you want a handsome wood countertop with a texture that’s not too showy and will blend easily into your kitchen. Depending on the finish, maple’s color can be a soft, tawny brown or bright amber. If you want a combination of woods for your custom wood countertop, maple and walnut look great together.

Sapele mahogany is a popular medium to dark brown wood. We’ve used sapele mahogany to build custom kitchen countertops, bar tops, breakfast nooks and even bathroom vanities. Sapele mahogany is a good hardwood for surfaces that are likely to be exposed to liquids. It has an elegant luster and a faint, pleasant scent similar to cedar.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

We’re well known for our artisan-created reclaimed wood countertops. Reclaimed wood can be the best wood for kitchen countertops if your home is restored or historic. Our most frequently requested reclaimed woods are chestnut, oak and pine. If you’re interested in another species of reclaimed hardwood, please let us know and we’ll do our best to locate it for you.

Our reclaimed chestnut countertops come in all shades of honey brown. Reclaimed chestnut brings a warm ambiance to your kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t feel homey, reclaimed chestnut countertops are a great choice for a mini kitchen makeover.

Reclaimed oak is the best choice for kitchen countertops if you want to create an authentic rustic atmosphere. You can tell immediately that reclaimed oak countertops are authentic because you’ll feel like you just walked into an old-fashioned general store or pub. Reclaimed oak is perfect if you want a very strong reclaimed wood for your kitchen.

Reclaimed pine countertops look elegant in a traditional kitchen. Reclaimed pine is often considered the best wood for kitchen countertops in farmhouse kitchens. Resin is what makes pine such a long-lasting wood. Reclaimed pine is a durable wood that stands up to daily use.

Finishing Your Countertops

After you choose your best wood for kitchen countertops and we build your countertops, we’ll select a finish based on how you plan to use your counter’s surface. We have a special finish for butcher block and other countertops that will be used for direct food preparation. Wood countertops that will frequently get wet require a waterproofing finish.

Get help choosing the right wood for your kitchen. Contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to arrange a visit to our showroom and workshop or a home consultation.