Looks Like Washington DC Butcher Block Top Is TrendingThe Washington DC butcher block top is a huge trend. Most trends don’t always stand the test of time, butcher block does. We build our butcher block to last for the life of your home. A butcher block countertop adds beauty and useful space to your kitchen and increases the value of your home.

Why is the Washington DC Butcher Block Top So Popular?

Butcher block is attractive and makes your kitchen more efficient. When you can use your entire countertop as a cutting and chopping surface, you won’t have to waste time looking for and washing cutting boards. Our butcher block isn’t the ordinary stuff you’re used to seeing in stores. It’s handmade from various hardwoods by experienced artisans. If you’re looking for Washington DC butcher block top makers, Maryland Wood Countertops can create the perfect butcher block surface for your kitchen.

We build our Washington DC butcher block top surfaces from premium hardwood scraps that are left over from other projects. This means that your custom butcher block can be created with pieces of popular kitchen hardwoods like walnut and oak or uncommon and exotic woods like wenge. Depending on the construction style and the type of wood, we can build sturdy butcher block to suit any kitchen style. Integrating hardwoods into kitchens with stone surfaces is growing in popularity because custom wood countertops are both stylish and practical.

Is Butcher Block Safe for Food Preparation?

Most of our clients who are interested in a Washington DC butcher block top have concerns about what types of food can be cut on our custom butcher block. You probably have a wood cutting board for vegetables and a plastic cutting board for meat because you’ve been told cutting meat on a wood cutting board can spread dangerous bacteria. That isn’t the case with our handmade hardwood butcher block.

Our hardwood butcher block is naturally resistant to bacteria. Mass-produced wood cutting boards sold in stores aren’t made of premium quality wood and aren’t safe for use in cutting meat. We use a finish just for butcher block on every Washington DC butcher block top that makes it perfectly safe for cutting any type of food. Our expert butcher block creators can give you more information about the safety of our hardwood butcher block, and you can read more about butcher block food cutting surfaces in our FAQ under the About tab.

What is Butcher Block?

Our butcher block is wood made from scrap pieces or strips of larger pieces of quality hardwood. One of the many great things about a Washington DC butcher block top is the fact that building butcher block keeps beautiful hardwood out of landfills. We’re committed to a green business model, and our craftspeople are expert at creating solid and beautiful butcher block surfaces. We strive to make sure that no usable wood is wasted.

Butcher block cutting surfaces can be created via edge grain or end grain construction. End grain construction will give you the very trendy checkerboard look. In end grain construction, the ends of small blocks of wood are turned up and arranged randomly or in any pattern you choose. End grain construction produces the sturdiest butcher block surfaces.

An edge grain Washington DC butcher block top is best for keeping your knives and cleavers sharp, although blades regularly used on any butcher block surface will require sharpening. Edge grain butcher block is simply wood strips torn from slabs and fit together with the edges up so that your blade pierces the wood as you work.

A butcher block countertop or island top is a must for an avid cook. Contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to set up a consultation for your butcher block kitchen project.