Add Warmth to the Kitchen with a Wood Countertop in Arlington, VAAre you still stuck with cold kitchens and bathrooms with the sterile look of granite, marble or tile countertops? These materials not only look cold, they are cold and make you feel cold when you touch them. You don’t have to renovate your entire kitchen or bathroom to add a touch of warmth. All you need are wood countertops.

Make Your Kitchen Cozy with a Wood Countertop in Arlington, VA

You can get a designer wood countertop that will bring warmth to your Arlington kitchen while complementing your stainless steel appliances and tile floors. If you have a contemporary kitchen, you might like our flat grain plank-style checkerboard wooden countertop. It will make your kitchen feel homier and is a stunning conversation piece.

Bring your older kitchen back to life with wood. You can find a wood countertop for your Arlington kitchen that will blend with your existing cabinets while making you feel like you have a new kitchen. You’ll be amazed at the difference every time you walk into the room.

Types of Wood for Kitchen Countertops

Walnut is one of our most popular woods for building a custom wood countertop in Arlington. Check out our photo gallery and see for yourself how amazingly versatile walnut countertops are. Walnut can be light and perfect for your country kitchen, or we can stain it dark and polish it until it gleams for your contemporary kitchen.

If you want a dramatic, unusual wood for your kitchen wood countertop in Arlington, butcher block is the ultimate cozy and useful choice. Our woodworking artisans design countertops solely of butcher block or combine it with other warm woods like walnut, cherry and maple.

Butcher block immediately gives your kitchen a relaxed feeling. Butcher block countertops remind people of being in an old-fashioned country kitchen. It’s easy to repair scratches in butcher block. If you want to use your butcher block counter as a cutting surface, talk to one of our professional technicians about proper care of the wood.

Charming Bathrooms with Wood Countertops

A bathroom wood countertop in Arlington is especially popular in luxury bathrooms, bathrooms in country-style homes and in children’s bathrooms. Luxury bathrooms usually have wooden cabinets, vanities and even wood tub surrounds. Wooden countertops painted in antique shades are classic in a country bathroom. A wooden countertop is the best choice for a child’s bathroom because we can round the corners to make it safer in case of a bumped head.

You can combine a warm wood countertop with a green or gold tile backsplash in your luxury bathroom. Wood counters with curved edges are nice for leaning against while you put on your makeup and dry your hair. Basin-style sinks look fantastic sitting on a gleaming wooden countertop. If you like a traditional white bathroom, golden-brown woods frame your bathroom and make it feel relaxing.

Wood countertops, along with vintage hardware, are a must in a country-style bathroom. A natural wooden countertop will look great on top of your distressed cabinets. Wood countertops in country bathrooms are often painted white, but a pale wood can give the same effect while breaking up the solid white environment.

A child’s bathroom is the perfect place for a wood countertop. A light golden wood looks wonderful with children’s wallpaper or cartoon character wall decals. The best thing about using wooden countertops in a child’s bathroom is that the wood can be rounded on the edges and corners.

A bathroom wood countertop in Arlington won’t incur water damage because we treat and seal all bathroom counters against moisture and humidity. If you’re interested in a bathroom wood countertop, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to discuss wood choices and design.