A Reston VA Hardwood Countertop Will Add Panache to Your KitchenHardwood countertops make working in your kitchen pleasant. It’s refreshing to look down at your countertop while you’re cutting vegetables or kneading bread and see the grain in the wood. When we build custom hardwood countertops for you, it brings unique beauty into your Reston kitchen.

Hardwood Counter Design

A Reston VA hardwood countertop created for your kitchen will be the envy of your neighbors. We offer custom wood kitchen countertop construction for Reston residents and most areas of Virginia. We have a design team to help you bring your dream kitchen vision to life, and a production team composed of artisans experienced in all types of woodworking. Our teams work together to give you a kitchen that’s unique, attractive and functional.

It’s important for a kitchen counter to be appealing and serviceable. You can have a custom wood counter designed for your height so that you’re comfortable working standing up or sitting. Our artisans will give you a wide, curved edge that’s relaxing to lean against while preparing food, and they’ll be happy to round off corners if you’re worried about your small children running and playing in the kitchen. You’ll wonder how you ever could have been satisfied with conventional counters.

Exceptional Woods for Natural Kitchen Style

Our designers and artisans will help you pick the best woods for your Reston VA hardwood countertop. We have new woods and reclaimed wood so that you can have the widest variety of choices in Reston for your wood kitchen countertops. We carefully select hardwoods with markings and patterns that bring a natural feeling to your kitchen. Even modern kitchens are more appealing with wood surfaces that display organic patterns.

Each type of wood has a different level of hardness. We’ll help you select the best Reston VA hardwood countertop for your kitchen needs. Whether you’re an enthusiastic cook or you use your Reston kitchen mainly for entertaining, there’s a wood for your kitchen counter that’s functional and naturally ornamental.

Stained or Natural Hardwood for My Reston VA Hardwood Countertop

You can choose to have your Reston VA hardwood countertop stained to complement your kitchen, but many Reston homeowners prefer unstained wood countertops that are finished to make them satin smooth while showing the wood’s true color. Sapele mahogany, walnut and oak are just some of our woods that have eye-catching grains and markings and are beautiful in their natural state. Our designers will help you decide what level of organic markings and texture you prefer in your wood kitchen counters.

Reclaimed wood has all of the appeal of new wood along with the impressions of time. We can polish and finish a reclaimed Reston VA hardwood countertop so that it’s smooth enough for little fingers, yet still has knotholes, wormholes and other tangible textures that only real wood has. We can smooth the edges of your reclaimed hardwood countertop, or we can leave the natural uneven areas for a distressed appearance. Reclaimed wood comes in all colors and levels of patina.

Kitchen Lighting and Hardwoods

The right lighting brings out the depth and grain in your Reston VA hardwood countertop. Sunlight is the best light to show off the unique beauty of the hardwoods you choose for your Reston wooden counters. Soft, white light allows the true colors of your hardwoods counters to come to life. On special occasions, candlelight plays along the grain of your countertops and makes the variations in the wood’s colors catch the eye of your family and guests.


A custom hardwood countertop can be primitive, traditional, modern or contemporary. Every piece of wood we use in our countertops has many years of life behind it that will bring a natural beauty to your kitchen. Contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to consult with our kitchen designers about the perfect hardwood for your kitchen counters.