The Latest in Interior Home Design in Northern Virginia Wood CountertopsYour kitchen can be a place of luxury or a place of comfort. The good news is that wood countertops can make it both. Wood is a product that can be used to create any motif you can imagine. Your dream kitchen can begin with Northern Virginia wood countertops that are designed based around your specific requirements.

Popular types of wood:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry

Choose the Wood for Your Northern Virginia Wood Countertops

When it comes to customized Northern Virginia wood countertops, you can get involved in each step of the design process. Pick out the wood that you want for your Virginia countertops. Each wood species has its own strengths and color variations.


Oak is one of the latest interior home design material choices. You can choose from white or red oak. Either option is strong, durable, and will be sure to make a great addition to your home’s decor. This wood choice is very popular because of its appearance and scratch resistance.


Maple is another lovely wood choice that has an even texture. It’s shock resistant and very sturdy. This wood will stay looking enticing for a very long time with the proper care.


Cherry wood has a distinctive scent and is also a popular wood choice. It has a fine consistent texture and comes in rich color choices. When you’re looking for a wood that will add elegance to your home, this is one that should come to mind.

Wood grain options for Northern Virginia wood countertops:

  • Edge Grain
  • Flat-Grain
  • End-Grain

Design Your Northern Virginia Wood Countertops

You can come up with a unique design for your countertops based around your needs. If you want a strong and affordable construction type, you may be interested in edge grain. Flat-grain is a charming choice for those who don’t want to use their wood countertops for cutting or chopping. End-grain can help knife marks blend in with the design of the wood and is the best choice for those who do plan on slicing and dicing on their premium wood countertops.

Pick Out Edge Profiles

To enhance your interior home design, pick out the perfect edge profile for your countertops. You may be interested in a roundover edge profile or a cove edge profile. The ogee, round, classical, or bullnose edge profile choices can all be great options too, depending on the unique look you’re striving to achieve.

Design Your Northern Virginia Wood Countertops

You can choose the exact countertop size to meet the needs of your space. There can be cutouts for your sink or stove made into it, and you can have it designed into a shape that will work well in your kitchen.

Wood is the Latest Trend in Interior Design

Wood has been a reliable building material for thousands of years, but it’s also the latest trend in interior design. This option will work great for your home because it’s a material that will never go out of style. Wood is a dazzling choice that will enhance the look of your home while giving you a durable space to prepare foods.

If you pick out designer wood countertops, everyone who enters your kitchen is going to be sure to notice. This material can blend in well with other materials like marble, or it can stand out on its own. You can choose certain wood types and styles if you’re looking to have a classy looking kitchen, or pick out a style that will give your home a rustic feel. Wood has a lot to offer and will be sure to fit into anyone’s home design plans.

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