Design a Custom Oak Countertop in Falls ChurchIf you want to pick out your own wood, you can with a custom oak countertop in Falls Church. You can find a wood that’s the perfect color and texture for your needs. If you enjoy oak, there are many color variations available. A beautiful custom oak countertop will bring a timeless natural beauty to your home that you’ll appreciate for decades.

Design a Custom Oak Countertop in Falls Church

You can play a part in the design process of your new oak countertops. Pick out the best color for your needs, from a white to light brown sapwood, a light brown or a reddish brown heartwood. Oak comes in fantastic color variations that will help your countertops look extraordinary. There’s no need to settle for just any wood when you can pick out the best color for your unique needs.

Pick Out the Edges for Your Custom Oak Countertop in Falls Church

You’ll love picking out your own wood with a fantastic-looking edge. You may be interested in a live edge choice as well. This type of wood is going to have character and a natural-looking edge that makes it a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Imperfections in certain types of wood can end up giving it that special something that makes it stand out and become unforgettable to anyone who sees it.

Other Popular Edge Styles:

  • Eased Edge
  • Roundover
  • Ogee
  • Cove
  • Bullnose

Reclaimed Oak Has Benefits

Reclaimed wood is a wonderful option for a custom oak countertop in Falls Church. You can bring a historical piece of wood into your home that will be a charming addition to your space. Imagine the joy of having a lovely countertop that’s also a good choice for the environment since no trees will have to be cut down for it to be placed in your home.

Advantages of a Custom Oak Countertop in Falls Church

An oak countertop is going to be an excellent choice for anyone looking for an enduring countertop material. This type of wood will last as long as you care for it properly. It can be sanded and re-oiled if it gets damaged instead of being replaced like other materials. Without question, an oak wood countertop is going to be a great value.

Choose an Attractive Wood

You can pick out an attractive wood for your countertop. The right option will bring a warmth and charm to your residence no matter what motif you have. Oak will go well with other materials in your kitchen like steel, marble, tile and more. Be sure to paint your kitchen with a color that shows off  your new oak countertop. You will be able to have a finished look with a custom wood countertop that will add style and elegance to your kitchen.

If you’re interested in a wood countertop, make sure that you choose a quality builder to create it for you. You can choose the wood that you want so that your countertop is in part truly designed by you. If you want something in your kitchen that will really pull the room together, a glamorous wood countertop can be the perfect item to complete your decor.

Are you ready for a custom oak countertop in your Falls Church kitchen? Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 and let’s discuss your options.