Custom wood countertops designed and constructed by artisans are an excellent way to makeover your Alexandria kitchen. Our professional designers and woodworkers will listen to what you want in a wood kitchen countertop and build the ideal wood counter to serve your needs and make your kitchen pleasant for cooking and entertaining. You’ll feel as comfortable and relaxed preparing dinners in your kitchen as you would relaxing there as a guest.Searching for the Best Custom Alexandria Wood Countertops?

Our Custom Wood Countertops

We’ve made countertops from nearly every wood you can imagine and in designs from rustic to contemporary. We even use reclaimed wood if the client requests it. If you can dream it for your kitchen, we’ll do our best to make your kitchen dreams come true with custom Alexandria wood countertops.

Wood is much more versatile than granite, marble or laminate. You can paint wooden countertops or sand and stain them a different color if you want to give your kitchen a new look. That’s what makes using wood so great. Granite countertops are difficult to remove. If you choose granite, you’ll be stuck with the colors for a long time.

Wood countertops are usually easy to repair. If you get a nick or crack in granite, you’ll probably have to live with it. Pot burns, knife cuts, pet scratches and even ink can be removed from wooden counters with a little simple sanding and re-staining. Custom Alexandria wood countertops are easy to live with. Most woods need very little maintenance other than routine cleaning with high-quality products and periodic re-oiling.

Our Woods

Walnut is probably our most popular wood for custom Alexandria wood countertops. Walnut can be stained to a dark shade like umber or a tawny medium-brown. If you want a warm wood countertop that’s dark but not too dark, we can use a handsome cinnamon color. For a country-style kitchen, a natural, light ashen gold walnut counter is perfect.

Oak is another in-demand wood for country or rustic kitchens. Oak is one of those woods with natural flaws that enhance its appearance when used as a countertop or kitchen island. Caramel-colored oak kitchen and bar countertops with the wood’s natural texture showing beneath the stain and glossy sealant are spectacular and sure to impress everyone who visits your home.

Mahogany is another of our popular woods for custom Alexandria wood countertops. Like oak, mahogany has an attractive, eye-catching natural texture that we like to show off with a stain that leaves it visible. Your mahogany counters can be the deep reddish color you expect, or they can be light sepia. Light mahogany looks perfect in a kitchen with white cabinets.

For more examples of the woods we use in our custom Alexandria wood countertops, visit our photo gallery. You’ll be amazed at what different stains can do to the same type of wood.

Designing Your Wood Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the wood for your custom Alexandria wood countertops starts with one of our experts selecting the best pieces of new or reclaimed wood. Our designers will then work with you to design wood kitchen counters that come as close to your ideas as possible. Our artisans will then build and install your new kitchen counters under the guidance of our production team. When we give you new wooden countertops, we consider the result a work of art.

If you have special requests for your wood kitchen countertops, just ask. Our portfolio shows numerous unique counters that we built at the client’s special request. If you like what you’ve read here and what you’ve seen in our gallery and portfolio, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 for a consultation.