Choosing Wood for a Custom Butcher Block Countertop in McLean, VAOur clients often ask if they can choose the wood for their butcher block countertop. Virtually everything is customizable according to your wishes. You can choose the wood for your butcher block countertop, island, inset or even dining table. We’ve even made custom butcher block surfaces from many different woods.

Woods We Use in Butcher Block

“Butcher block” isn’t a type of wood. It’s an expression that describes a wood surface put together from smaller pieces of wood. Clients can request nearly any type of wood in their butcher block countertop in McLean. You can even have several different woods in your butcher block counter to create even greater visual interest.

If you want a wood with colors and a glossy sheen similar to granite, try iroko. It’s an exotic hardwood from Africa, often mistakenly referred to as “African teak.” It has a gorgeous grain and its colors range from brown to shades of light and dark bronze.

We have teak available for your butcher block countertop in McLean. Teak has a curving, swirling grain and attractive natural flaws. Teak looks beautiful stained to a warm honey color. It also looks handsome in a more rustic presentation.

Would you like to spice up a neutral kitchen? Consider beech for your butcher block countertop in McLean. Alternating narrow rectangular strips of beech, stained light and medium sepia, will immediately brighten up your kitchen. The dramatic color contrast between wood pieces helps disguise knife marks.

Cherry is a popular wood for counters and household furniture. We offer both cherry and Brazilian cherry. Brazilian cherry takes a warm amber stain well and makes the wood’s curved and striped texture stand out in a way that your guests are sure to notice. We stain regular cherry a light gold that looks fantastic in casual kitchens but still shows off the wood’s grain.

Exotic Woods for Contemporary Kitchens

Granite or marble aren’t your only choices for contemporary kitchens. You can still have wood in your butcher block inset, island or butcher block countertop in McLean. Zebrawood comes from Central America and has a dramatic striped texture. It can be dark brown or have a golden undertone, and either will look spectacular with dark cabinets and appliances.

Tigerwood is the perfect choice for you if you want one bright surface in your dark contemporary kitchen. Tigerwood really seems to glow. Butcher block made from tigerwood combines true gold shades with dark honey. Like beech, the contrasting honey and gold shades will make any knife marks almost unnoticeable.

How Butcher Block is Made

Choosing a butcher block countertop in McLean is also an environmentally responsible choice. Making a butcher block surface of any size uses up small pieces of wood left over from larger projects. When we build butcher block, we use wood glue that makes the butcher block strong enough to hold anything that a solid wood surface can. We also use filler to make sure that there are no gaps in your butcher block and end grain construction to make the perfect cutting surface.

Because we put butcher block together from wood pieces, you can work with our designers and artisans to make a butcher block surface made from different woods. If you love the idea of a checkerboard butcher block island, choose woods like maple and cherry or walnut and cherry.

The final step in making a butcher block countertop in McLean is to oil the wood. The oil we use is safe for food preparation surfaces. You’ll need to maintain your butcher block by re-oiling it as instructed by woodworking artisans.

A butcher block countertop is a very popular choice for upscale kitchens these days. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 and let’s discuss ideas for your McLean kitchen.