Black walnut is a popular wood for kitchen and bathrooms. It’s also popular for restaurants and bar countertops. Part of black walnut’s appeal lies in the woods superior strength. Black walnut countertops are excellent choices for countertops that will be put through constant, heavy use. You won’t have to worry about the weight of your dishes, small appliances, serving trays or even bar or pub decor when you choose a black walnut countertop.

Searching for the Best Black Walnut Countertops in Arlington?

Black Walnut Basics

Black walnut is a hardwood native to the United States. It’s also called American walnut or Eastern walnut. Black walnut is relatively rare and will make your countertops stand out compared to woods that are more common. When you’re looking for black walnut countertops in Arlington, you want artisans like Maryland Wood Countertops who are experienced in working with this valuable wood.

Black walnut is the darkest hardwood found in the United States. Its natural colors are beautiful finished without stain on your black walnut countertops in Arlington. Unstained black walnut in slab form has a prized irregular, rustic grain that’s perfect for pub countertops or country kitchens. Black walnut slabs, with their handsome irregular edges and knotholes, come from the base of the tree and are often used as accent pieces in a countertop.

It’s most common to find black walnut stained and used in a flat edge (also called plank) style. This treatment is best for kitchen and bathroom black walnut countertops in Arlington. Black walnut is also used for counter edges and trim in white kitchens that need a good-looking wood to provide visual interest.

Black Walnut in the Home

Black walnut can bring a touch of natural luxury to traditional style kitchen. It can be used as an accent wood in an end grain butcher block surface or as the entirety of an edge grain butcher block island top. If you want a dramatic contrast in your butcher block countertop, alternate black walnut with a light or golden wood. Black walnut is an excellent choice for butcher block because it has naturally greater antimicrobial properties than other hardwoods.

Don’t use cleaners containing bleach on your black walnut countertops in Arlington. The only things that you need to clean your black walnut countertops are soap and water. It’s important that you dry black walnut after cleaning it.

We oil all our black walnut as part of our finishing processing. You may read recommendations about oiling black walnut countertops regularly with mineral oil. We can advise you as to whether your walnut countertops need to be oiled regularly and what type of oil is best for the job.

Black Walnut Countertops in Arlington as an Investment

Black walnut countertops in Arlington are more than just a stunning addition to your kitchen. Due to the rarity of black walnut, it’s also an investment in your home. To show off your black walnut kitchen countertops to their best advantage, try to make walnut the only unpainted wood in the room.

Reclaimed black walnut is a lucky find. Because of its dramatic grain, knotholes and thick, irregular edges it can be the focal point of your kitchen or bar. A small slab of reclaimed walnut on top of newer, flat grain walnut counters is a functional conversation piece that you can use to display an antique kitchen accessory or to set out a bottle of wine to breathe.

Black Walnut Countertops will make a remarkable addition to your Arlington kitchen. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to set up a consultation or a visit to our showroom and woodworking shop.