Alexandria Reclaimed Wood Countertops -- Strong and BeautifulAre a homeowner thinking about Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops — custom built for you? Maryland Wood Countertops has an excellent selection of reclaimed wood for large and small projects. Don’t spend money and time to make new countertops look distressed or rustic when we can build the real thing from beautiful salvaged wood. We can build custom reclaimed wood countertops for you that will bring one-of-a-kind style and a sense of history to your home.

Reclaimed Wood Versus New Wood

Our Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops are built with wood salvaged from barns, abandoned homes, old restaurants undergoing renovation, breweries, warehouses and boatyards. Reclaimed wood is as sturdy—and often far more study—than new wood. Much salvaged wood was hewn from old growth trees in forests that had never been harvested. Old growth trees produce stronger wood than younger trees in reforested areas.

Reclaimed wood is, of course, imperfect, and that’s why it’s in such demand. We thoroughly examine all reclaimed wood and ensure that any imperfections haven’t weakened the wood in any way. When considering Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops, remember that the wood has lasted decades or perhaps a century of use and exposure to the elements. It’s safe and will stand up to daily use in your kitchen or business.

Our Selection of Alexandria Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Common species of reclaimed lumber that we use in our Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops are chestnut, oak and pine. Those were the woods most available to the people building homes, barns and businesses in the 19th century. Each wood brings its unique color and grain to your kitchen in addition to the marks of age and use.

If you want to add serious warmth to your kitchen with your Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops, you might like chestnut. Chestnut can be bright amber or honey colored. Oak tends to be a caramel brown color with distinctive rings. Check out our reclaimed oak projects to see a truly extraordinary oak burl tabletop and other projects that demonstrate the varying colors of oak. Pine is on the tawny end of the brown spectrum and looks perfect in your traditional kitchen.

Our stock of reclaimed wood varies. Salvaged wood is highly sought-after, so you should contact us when you decide on Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops. If we don’t have what you want for your project available immediately, we’ll find it for you. Reclaimed wood comes in all hardwood species. It’s just a matter of tracking it down.

Perfectly Imperfect Reclaimed Wood

The wood we use to create your Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops has an assortment of imperfections that tell the story of its history. Salvaged hardwood is aged by weather and varying degrees of usage. In addition to the tree’s rings, grain, knotholes and patterns left by burls, reclaimed wood may be marked by insects or even fire.

Reclaimed wood usually also shows something of the way it was used by people. Nail holes or screw holes are common. We’re conscientious about removing all metal from wood we use for Alexandria reclaimed wood countertops. Wood salvaged from staircases may show heavy distress from use while wood from roof beams can appear aged but relatively clean.

Heavily distressed wood is ideal for rustic countertops in a log cabin style house. Old but lightly marked reclaimed wood is perfect for countertops in your renovated farmhouse kitchen. Our designers and artisans can help you select the perfect reclaimed wood for your countertops. Like our new woods, we seal our reclaimed woods with a product that conforms to the way you’ll use your countertops.

If you’ve decided on reclaimed wood for your custom countertops, contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373. We look forward to finding the perfect wood for your project and building your dream countertops.