Does your kitchen feel dull, unappealing, or even cold? Custom countertops add a wonderful feeling of warmth to any kitchen, including contemporary kitchens. Instead of painting again, consider bringing the natural beauty of wood countertops into your kitchen.

Revitalizing an Older Kitchen with Wood Countertops

Why Not Revitalize an Older Kitchen with Wood Countertops?Are you moving into an older house with a kitchen in need of updating? Do you live in an older home with a kitchen that’s begun to feel stuffy? New wallpaper or fresh paint won’t brighten your kitchen’s atmosphere the way that wood countertops will.

Custom countertops instantly make your kitchen seem revitalized. We have a wide selection of traditional and exotic hardwoods for your Why Not Revitalize an Older Kitchen with Wood Countertops? We even have reclaimed wood for rustic style homes or restored farmhouses. Please see our Projects by Wood Species under the Projects tab to view our portfolio of completed projects using new and old wood.

Our designers and woodworking artisans can seamlessly blend custom hardwood countertops into your existing kitchen. We can easily remove painted or laminate countertops and replace them with customized hardwood countertops. We can also build new counters from the floor up. This may be worth considering if your wood counters aren’t great quality, don’t have modern storage amenities or won’t coordinate with your new wood countertops.

Designing a Kitchen for a New Home

Building a new home gives you a wonderful opportunity to work with our designers to create wood countertops that will make your brand new kitchen feel familiar and comfortable immediately. When you set up your kitchen appliances and decor on our custom built wood countertops, you’ll feel like you truly belong in your new kitchen.

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, the place where your family gathers and where you entertain your friends. Wood countertops will help you create a warm and welcoming environment where people want to linger. Wood countertops also provide a naturally attractive background for your fine china and glassware when you’re entertaining. Even the most simple hardwood surface has depth, a unique grain and variations of its natural colors and is decorative by itself.

When you have a housewarming party, your guests will be sure to admire your custom wood countertops. Custom hardwood countertops are something to be proud of because they’re handcrafted in the USA by expert local woodworkers with years of experience. In addition to beauty and usefulness, our countertops add value to your home. Handmade wood countertops last a lifetime, unlike factory-made, mass-produced countertops.

The Conveniences You Want

Having custom countertops installed gives you the opportunity to select from a variety of amenities that will make cooking more efficient and keep your kitchen neat and organized. Butcher block is extremely popular right now. Our butcher block countertops are essentially works of art, created with care by artisans who love their craft. A butcher block countertop gives you a big workspace where you can chop vegetables and even cut meat right on the counter.

You won’t believe how much a simple waste hole in your custom countertop will simplify your life. You won’t have to go back and forth to the garbage can, and your floor will stay cleaner because you won’t drop any food scraps. You can simply sweep vegetable peelings into the garbage can right under your counter. To learn about other conveniences you can select for your new wood countertops, please see our Projects page.

Hardwood countertops are guaranteed to bring your kitchen back to life. Contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to start your kitchen makeover.