Many people searching for custom furniture end up frustrated, wondering, “Where can I find custom woodwork near me?” If you’re looking for quality woodwork, Maryland Wood Countertops can help.

Where Can I Find Custom Woodwork Near Me?

Custom Woodwork Near MeWe’d love for you to come to our showroom and working woodshop in Arbutus, Maryland. You don’t have to live in Maryland for us to build your custom wood furnishings. You can meet with our design team in person or get a design quote online. After you and our designers discuss your project, we arrange an in-home consultation so that we can get a feel for your home and preferred style.

We specialize in custom countertops, kitchen island tops and butcher block. We build home bars, bathroom vanities, shelving and outdoor entertainment areas. We’ve also designed and installed pub tables, worktables and conference tables.

Always Popular Butcher Block

Many people desire custom butcher block for their kitchen. We carefully construct butcher block to withstand daily use. We use reclaimed hardwood because of its natural anti-microbial qualities. Cheap pressed-board butcher block isn’t appropriate for cutting meat, but our hardwood butcher block is safe for all your meal ingredients.

When you choose us for your butcher block project, you can design your own piece. If you want a large surface like a counter extension, we recommend a neutral-looking, edge grain construction. For eye-catching butcher block, a smaller piece in a checkerboard design will add useful art to your kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood and Urban Logging

You can stop wondering, “Where can I find custom woodwork near me?” to furnish your rustic home. If you have a rustic-style home, you’re probably interested in reclaimed wood or live edge slabs. Our woodworkers are highly experienced in building authentic primitive home furnishings from live edge slabs or salvaged wood.

Using wood that most lumber companies would discard is very important to us. It’s the foundation of our business model. We try to save every piece of wood from being wasted. Some sources of reclaimed wood include:

  • Old Barns
  • Abandoned Houses
  • Old Pubs
  • General Stores and Other Businesses

We also reduce waste by participating in urban logging. Every day, good trees are cut down and discarded to clear space for new construction. We use those trees because the quality is the same as trees harvested from a forest.

If you’re looking for rustic pieces and reclaimed wood, we have what you need.

Wood for the Modern Home

“Where can I find custom woodwork near me?” is a question also asked by many homeowners who love modern style. Stainless steel appliances, stone countertops and tile floors can give your home a modern but cold ambiance. An exotic wood countertop adds warmth and complements your existing modern style.

You may have heard about our countertops. We offer so much more, including:

  • Shelving
  • Rustic and modern tables
  • Bathroom vanities and accent pieces
  • Commercial projects

Whether you need a eye-catching wood countertop or other beautiful, hand-crafted piece, Maryland Wood Countertops can help. Call us today 443-840-7373 to schedule an appointment.