Custom Wood Countertops in Loudoun County for Every Style KitchenCustom wood countertops in Loudoun County are growing in popularity here and across Virginia. Working with one of our designers to create your own custom countertops enables you to personalize your kitchen down to the smallest detail. You can choose from our wide variety of popular and exotic wood species, including reclaimed wood, and you can select options like butcher block insets and waste holes.

The Popularity of Custom Wood Countertops in Loudoun County

Wood countertops in Loudoun County are gaining popularity because homeowners want quality, unique countertops handmade in the USA by local craftspeople. Our wood countertops, island countertops and bar tops are in great demand due to our experience in installing conveniences like built-in waste bins and butcher block. Butcher block can be installed in any style kitchen and can be as small as an inset cutting board or as extensive as a full butcher block countertop.

Do you want a standout kitchen that will impress your family and friends? Custom wood countertops in Loudoun County make your kitchen an expression of your personality. When you choose us to build your countertops, you get to work with award-winning designers and artisans with many years of experience. You’ll enjoy shopping our many species of hardwood like American and Brazilian cherry, versatile walnut and alluring tigerwood.\

An advantage to opting for custom wood countertops in Loudoun County is having them tailored to your requirements. We can make the edges of your wood countertops comfortable to lean against or build a countertop for an island with a curved edge that gives you plenty of room to sit and eat. We also build tables with a concave side that fits perfectly against your island, providing extra workspace or an eating area.

Custom Countertops for Every Style Kitchen

We have hardwoods to complement every kitchen. Our selection of hardwoods for custom wood countertops in Loudoun County includes cool and warm browns, reds and even nearly black shades. All of our wood species look great finished with only glossy or matte finish, but you can choose to have your custom countertops stained to match your trim or hardwood floor. Contrasting hardwood colors are also very trendy in Loudoun County kitchens.

When you think of a contemporary kitchen, you probably think of marble, granite and stainless steel. Our custom wood countertops in Loudoun County look great in contemporary kitchens. We can finish a countertop with a high-gloss topcoat that fits right in with marble or granite surfaces. We can also build custom countertops for your modern kitchen that create the same atmosphere as stone but give you more decorating options.

You may think that butcher block won’t look right in your contemporary kitchen, but a hardwood like black walnut will accentuate your contemporary decor while providing you with an attractive and useful workspace. Incorporating wood into your contemporary kitchen adds a touch of warmth. It also frees you up to use many more colors than you can with granite.

Just the Right Size

Custom wood countertops in Loudoun County should make the most of your space. Your kitchen may only have space for one countertop, but a custom butcher block island countertop gives you a food preparation space away from your dish washing area. An island with a wood countertop can also serve as a breakfast table if you don’t have room for a breakfast nook.

Our designers and artisans will create countertops that fit your kitchen’s style and space. Please look over our portfolio under Projects so you can get a feel for what we do. When you’re ready to start designing your countertops, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.