Using reclaimed wood is environmentally responsible and part of a green lifestyle. Reclaimed wood is thoroughly inspected for sturdiness and treated with a product to seal it against dampness, spills and stains. Choosing reclaimed wood for your kitchen countertops saves trees and helps small businesses run by local artisans succeed. The following are a few things you should know if you’re considering reclaimed wood countertops for your home.

The Best in Baltimore Reclaimed Wood Countertops

About Reclaimed Wood


  • All reclaimed wood has imperfections. These imperfections are part of what makes your Baltimore reclaimed wood countertops desirable. There are no other wooden countertops exactly like yours. Uneven edges, irregular shading and even worm holes are common elements of reclaimed wooden countertops.


  • The wood used in Baltimore reclaimed wood countertops comes from houses that are being completely remodeled or torn down, old general stores and barns. Furniture that’s beyond repair, fences and antique vats from breweries are also sources of reclaimed wood. Beams provide the straightest wood. Floorboards are great if you like a distressed look. Artisans use odd-shaped boards from old objects like wine barrels to create curved and angled counters.


Your Reclaimed Wood Countertops


  • Your Baltimore reclaimed wood countertops can be stained and then polished to a lovely sheen, preserving the unique features of the wood while making the counters suitable for use in traditional new homes. Your reclaimed wooden countertops will be conversation pieces that will keep your guests in the kitchen. Reclaimed wood counters are also perfect for home bars and recreation rooms.


  • Choosing reclaimed wood for your counters preserves history. The artisans who create your wood countertops can tell you exactly where your wood came from and what it used to be. Every piece of reclaimed wood used in Baltimore reclaimed wood countertops has a story behind it.


Reclaimed Wood Today


  • Are you a fan of the “tiny house” that’s so popular today? Baltimore reclaimed wood countertops are the perfect choice for your tiny house. Builders of tiny houses often use reclaimed wood for most or all of the house and furnishings.


  • Reclaimed wood is an important part of a green lifestyle. Choosing Baltimore reclaimed wood countertops lowers energy and fossil fuel use and keeps usable wood out of landfills.
  • You’ll love knowing that your reclaimed wood counters came from a local source instead of being trucked in from another state.


  • Reclaimed wood is suitable for use in all homes. Selecting reclaimed wood countertops is good for the environment and makes your home a unique showplace.


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