Wood countertops can be as luxurious as granite without the expense and disadvantages. If you have granite countertops and you’re ready for a kitchen makeover, consider wood. Homeowners with granite kitchen counters should understand the differences between wood and granite before deciding to keep their existing countertops or remodel with wood.

Switch from granite to a solid wood countertop in Easton, Maryland (MD)

Problems With Granite


Granite countertops can’t be painted or easily switched out if you want to redecorate. Most granite is multicolored. Some of the natural colors in granite are quite bold. If you’re tired of working around the colors in your granite counters, it’s time to think about wood.


Do your granite countertops have cracks, chips or gouges? Granite can be damaged by dropping heavy pots and pans, running into counter edges with hard objects or by not keeping up with yearly maintenance. Rough spots in granite can absorb stains. A solid wood countertop in Easton can be easily sanded and restained or repainted if damaged.


The Versatility of Wood


Wood countertops are sturdy, functional and easy to adapt when you’re ready for a change. A solid wood countertop in Easton can be painted in a variety of colors to complement the design of your modern kitchen. Light wood can be stained to preserve its natural color and enhance a country kitchen. Either type of countertop can be changed without major expense if you decide to give your kitchen a makeover.


You can mix complimentary woods in your kitchen; for example, you can paint your surrounding counters and stain the countertop of your island. You can also incorporate butcher block wood into your standard solid wood countertop in Easton. Wood gives you flexibility in both your original design and in any subsequent remodels.


Repairing Wood

Most of the damage that occurs to wood countertops is minor surface damage: knife cuts, scratches from cutlery or surface burns from hot pots and pans. Daily wear and tear to your solid wood countertop in Easton can be managed and repaired quickly and easily by the same professionals who installed your wooden countertops. In the event of severe damage, your solid wood countertop in Easton can be restored to its original appearance. Upgrading to wood countertops is a wise financial and stylistic decision. Wood kitchen counters improve the value of your house and make your kitchen the favorite room for your family and friends to gather.


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