Butcher block countertops are attractive and functional. Butcher block looks good in all types of kitchens. Do you want to add visual appeal to a painted kitchen? Clean butcher block looks fresh and adds interest.

Homeowners have many questions about butcher block. Keep in mind the following information so you can decide if butcher block is right for your needs.

Spruce Up your Kitchen with Butcher Block Countertops in Bethesda, MD

Butcher block countertops aren’t meant to substitute for cutting boards

Protect butcher block countertops from direct knife cuts. Using butcher block as a cutting board will scar the finish, and damaged areas can harbor bacteria from meat. If you want butcher block in your Bethesda kitchen to use as a cutting surface, have an island with a butcher block top installed, and only use it to cut vegetables.

Simple daily maintenance is required to keep your butcher block countertops in top condition

Dry butcher block surfaces after use, and control the humidity in your kitchen by using your stove fan. Leaving butcher block damp can causing swelling and cracking. Always use a hot pad or trivet under pots and pans to avoid scorching your butcher block.

If you do damage your butcher block countertops, don’t panic

We specialize in maintaining and repairing butcher block countertops in Bethesda and can sand away most burns and knife marks. The butcher block counter will then need to be re-oiled to protect the surface and ensure that the whole surface matches. Call us to re-oil your butcher block countertops in Bethesda twice a year to preserve the wood’s patina and help guard against damage from dampness.

Butcher block protects your plates and glassware

Butcher block is a soft wood, so you’re less likely to chip a plate if you bump it. Owners of butcher block countertops in Bethesda prefer the soft wood because it muffles the banging sounds of pots, pans and cutlery. Butcher block shelves are a great way to display valuable decorative china.

Butcher block is versatile

It’s the ideal natural wood for country-style kitchens. Butcher block islands are the perfect touch to prevent contemporary kitchens from looking cold and severe. We can offer suggestions about making over any style kitchen with butcher block countertops in Bethesda.


A little extra care keeps your butcher block counters looking good. The time and maintenance are worth it to have an absolutely stunning kitchen that will impress all your guests.


Turn your Bethesda kitchen into a showcase with a butcher block countertop. Call us today at 443-840-7373.