I'm Looking for a Solid Wood Kitchen Island Top in BaltimoreIslands are perfect for adding workspace to a small kitchen. A custom kitchen island can also double as a breakfast bar. Even if you have a large kitchen, an island can give you conveniences like a second sink or a butcher block food preparation area. If you’re in Baltimore and thinking of integrating an island into your kitchen, we can design and build your dream custom wood island countertop.

Kitchen Islands for Different Uses

In order to design your solid wood kitchen island top in Baltimore, we need to know how you’ll primarily use your kitchen island. The construction style and finish for your wood island countertop are dependent on whether you want butcher block for cutting food, a sink for quick breakfast and lunch cleanup or extra dining and entertainment space. We have many species of hardwood for your kitchen island top. To protect your investment, different sealants are for food-cutting surfaces than for surfaces that will frequently be exposed to water.

Many of our clients who choose a solid wood kitchen island top in Baltimore prefer a simple island that matches their existing counters and extends cramped kitchen counter space. Other clients want a long counter with an overhanging outer edge for seating so that they can use their custom kitchen island as a bar for casual entertaining. An island designed for food preparation can make busy mornings simpler. An island with a sink lets you quickly rinse breakfast dishes before heading out the door.

Why a Solid Wood Kitchen Island Top in Baltimore is Best Bet

Custom wood countertops can be rustic, distressed, traditional, classic, modern or contemporary. Wood kitchen countertops offer you far more decorating options than granite or marble. With stone, you’re tied to the colors in the stone. When you choose a solid wood kitchen island top in Baltimore, you have many choices of hardwoods ranging from soft, neutral browns to dazzling shades of honey and amber, trendy deep browns and even black. You can have your hardwood island countertop stained if you like, but you don’t have to because the natural colors of the woods are so spectacular.

Your custom island countertop can be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Our designers and artisans create hardwood countertops that are works of art. We can build a simple, elegant solid wood kitchen island top in Baltimore for your traditional kitchen or a sophisticated island top for your contemporary kitchen.

Hot decorating options for Baltimore kitchens right now include incorporating a single dark hardwood island countertop into a primarily white kitchen or patterned butcher block countertops. Are you redecorating? That’s an excellent time to add a solid wood kitchen island top in Baltimore and change the whole feel of your kitchen.

More Conveniences of Wood Island Countertops

If you have an active family or if you’re an enthusiastic cook, it’s almost inevitable that your solid wood kitchen island top in Baltimore will sustain damage over time. Wood is incredibly forgiving, and knife and cleaver marks, dents from heavy pans and ink stains can usually be sanded out and the wood countertop refinished. Burn marks can sometimes be difficult to completely remove or cover, so be sure to set hot pans on potholders or trivets.

Your wood island countertop is completely customizable. You can have a butcher block cutting board built into the countertop, a waste hole, a drip rail for entertaining or to keep spills off the floor or smooth, rounded corners and edges for comfort and safety.

Are you excited about the conveniences and decorating options that come with adding a custom wood island countertop to your kitchen? Contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373, and let’s get started on turning your vision into reality.