Deciding on Upgrading to Wood Countertops in Maryland?You’ve painted and put up new curtains, but your Maryland kitchen needs a real change. Have you considered upgrading to wood countertops? Custom wood countertops have many advantages over laminate, stone and tile, and we’d like to share some of those advantages with you.

Why Our Clients Upgrade to Wood Countertops

Many people looking for wood countertops in Maryland upgrade from laminate, tile and even granite and marble. Wood is versatile, wears well and looks good in every kitchen. It doesn’t age and crack like laminate or grow dingy like tile. In addition, wood countertops give you many more kitchen decorating options than stone.

Laminate countertops are often found in older homes. When new, laminate countertops and floors are easy to clean, They don’t age well. They pees, crack and accumulate dirt between sections. If you have laminate countertops and you’re ready to upgrade to wood countertops in Maryland, you can visit our showroom and workshop in Arbutus and see firsthand the beauty and durability of hardwood.

If you have tile countertops, you probably spend a lot of time and money on grout cleaning, regrouting and trying to get that dull residue off your tile. Even clean grout looks dirty after years of exposure to spills and kitchen grease. Our custom wood countertops are easy to clean and become even more attractive with use. If you’re tired of tile and you’re searching for wood countertops in Maryland, we’d be more than happy to talk with you about upgrading to hardwood.

People often think of granite countertops as the ultimate luxury countertops. That all changes after they’ve lived with these surfaces for several years. Stone doesn’t have the resilience of hardwood countertops, and that’s a problem. If you drop a heavy pot on your granite countertop, it’s very likely to create a chip or crack that can be difficult and expensive to repair. With marble or granite countertops, your decorating options are limited to colors that complement the colors in the stone. Our wood countertops in Maryland are sturdy and allow you to redecorate your kitchen in any color palette or style that you like.

Additional Benefits of Upgrading to Wood Countertops in Maryland

When you choose wood countertops in Maryland, you get a wide selection of hardwoods, construction styles and extras. You might like reclaimed wood for your new countertops. Using reclaimed wood is very popular because it’s environmentally friendly, preserves a part of history and gives you a unique conversation starter. Reclaimed wood is even more sturdy and resilient than new hardwood because it’s already stood up to wear and tear and exposure to the elements for many years.

Butcher block is becoming very popular on the East Coast. Our clients choose butcher block wood countertops in Maryland for style and functionality. Many people simply like the homey look of butcher block and choose it for all their kitchen countertops. Others prefer a butcher block island top for the convenience of having a large surface for preparing meals.

Wood Countertops in Your Kitchen

Modern and contemporary kitchens can benefit from an upgrade to wood countertops. We’ve built traditional and butcher block surfaces to blend perfectly with stone floors and stainless steel appliances. Wood countertops in Maryland bring a remarkable warmth to modern and contemporary kitchens.

There’s a perfect hardwood to brighten or pull together any kitchen. White oak instantly wakes up a boring kitchen. The darker shades of walnut create visual appeal in kitchens with white cabinets and walls. Maple is a good choice if you like to paint your walls and cabinets in more vibrant colors.

Want to create an upscale feel in your kitchen? We can help. To learn more about upgrading to wood countertops in your Maryland kitchen, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to set up a home consultation.