Maryland Wood Countertops Are a Solid Local OptionIt can be helpful to choose Maryland Wood Countertops for your custom wood countertops. You will be able to receive unbeatable customer service and personalized attention that way. Your countertops should be made exactly the way that you want them to be. Instead of just choosing from limited, pre-made options, have your countertops designed with your specific needs and ideas in mind.

Countertop Design Process:

  • Pick out the wood you want
  • Choose the construction style that’s right for you
  • Decide on your edge profile
  • Make sure that your countertop is going to be the right size
  • Go with a beautiful finish

Maryland Wood Countertops Can Help You Choose the Right Wood

When you work with a company that specializes in custom wood options, you can have the expert assistance you need to choose the right wood for your needs. You may want a countertop made out of hard maple if you plan on preparing foods on your countertop, or you may prefer to go with a teak or cherry wood option if you’re interested in having a more upscale kitchen. Oak or chestnut might be intriguing options if you’re going for a rustic motif.

Maryland Wood Countertops Offer Reclaimed Wood

If you want to make an environmentally friendly choice and know that you’re going to have strong and durable countertops, think about having them made out of reclaimed wood. No new trees will have to be cut down for this type of design, and your countertops will have a character and strength that modern materials can never equal.

Maryland Wood Countertops Provide Quality Construction Styles

An experienced building team can help you to decide on the best construction style for your countertops. You may want to choose end grain if you plan on doing a lot of food preparation directly on your countertop since it will be easy on your knives and hide imperfections better than other styles. An edge grain is another good option, and it will look beautiful thanks to its long and sleek style. Flat grain is also an excellent option to consider.

Maryland Wood Countertops Can Help You Choose the Right Edge Profile

Your edge profile will make your countertop unique and distinctive. There are many popular edge styles to choose from like cove edges, bullnose edges, live edges, and more. Each option is going to give your countertops a different overall look, so be sure to talk with your builder about your plans. By working with a local builder such as Maryland Wood Countertops, you can enjoy playing an important in the building process of your countertops.

Make Sure Your Countertops are the Right Size

Maryland Wood Countertops can make a template of your project and will be happy to come to your home and measure the space you need for your tops. It’s important for everything to fit just right so that you will be completely satisfied with your new countertops. You can count on professional installers to install your countertop correctly the first time.

Choose the Perfect Finish

There are many finishes available to meet your needs. If you plan to prepare food on your countertops, be sure to have a food-safe finish applied to them. There are finishes that will bring out the beauty of the wood that is used for your countertop and finishes that will help protect it.

When you choose a local builder like Maryland Wood Countertops to handle your design process, you are sure to enjoy the results. Your countertops can be created to give you the design you have always dreamed of in your kitchen. Call us today at 443-840-7373 and let’s discuss your many design options.