Buying custom wood countertops doesn’t have to be stressful when you choose Maryland Wood Countertops. We’re known for our custom countertops, island tops and bar tops. We’re experienced at full kitchen remodels and small projects like breakfast bars. We specialize in handmade butcher block and turning reclaimed wood into your dream kitchen island or home bar. If you’re looking for local wooden countertops, we have a vast selection.

Our Traditional Hardwood Countertops

Find Local Wooden CountertopsMany clients come to us searching for local wooden countertops because they want to make over their kitchens with countertops made by experienced craftspeople. When a client wants traditional wood countertops to update an old kitchen or lighten a dark kitchen, we offer them hardwoods like maple, walnut and cherry. These and other popular hardwoods can make your kitchen feel like a brand new room.

Maple makes beautiful, light-colored kitchen countertops for farmhouse, country and traditional kitchens. Depending on whether you choose the heartwood or the sapwood, maple can be a warm, bright yellow or a muted tawny brown. Maple is popular for local wooden countertops because many of our clients like a simple, traditional ambiance in their kitchens. Maple can appear soft due to its pale color and unobtrusive grain, but it’s actually hard and shock-resistant.

Walnut has such a great range of natural shades that it’s one of our most popular woods for custom countertops. Clients looking for local wooden countertops are surprised when they see how different walnut looks from one project to another. Like maple, the color differences in walnut result from the light sapwood and the dark heartwood. Have a look at our walnut projects under Projects by Wood Species to see the wide range of colors you can select from if you choose walnut.

You might associate cherry wood with delicate parlor and living room furniture, but cherry is a solid wood that’s strong enough to be incorporated into a cutting board inset in a kitchen counter. Local wooden countertops made from cherry are ideal for warming up your kitchen. American cherry is a pleasing cinnamon brown. Brazilian cherry is bright honey-colored and guaranteed to make your kitchen glow.

Our Exotic Hardwood Countertops

We have uncommon hardwoods if you’re looking for local wooden countertops that bring drama to your kitchen decor. Tigerwood countertops are perfect if you do a lot of entertaining. Its striking colors and prominent grain are sure to wow your guests. Tigerwood beautifully reflects low light and candlelight, making it perfect for cocktail parties and holiday get-togethers.

Are you looking for local wooden countertops built from the darkest hardwood available? Wenge is the best choice if you want a glossy dark countertop to contrast with your white kitchen or complement your contemporary kitchen. Depending on how it’s milled, wenge can show irregular lighter stripes; this is the wood’s natural grain revealed by the wood saw.

Our Butcher Block and Reclaimed Local Wooden Countertops

If you want local wooden countertops made from butcher block, we’re the Maryland butcher block experts. Butcher block style is very trendy for kitchen countertops even if they’re not going to be used for food preparation. For our clients who want a large surface to prep all the ingredients for big meals or new recipes, we recommend a large cutting board or a butcher block island top.

People who want local wooden countertops built from reclaimed wood come to us because of our reputation for being the best in the business at handling it. Reclaimed wood is popular among our clients who want a countertop that’s also a piece of local history.

These are only a few of the hardwoods and styles that you will discover at Maryland Wood Countertops. Call us today at 443-840-7373 for more information, or for a consultation.