Searching for the Highest Quality Germantown Wood Countertops?What types of wood countertops are trendy in Germantown? That’s an easy answer: reclaimed wood countertops.

Kitchen bars and breakfast bars that combine a countertop workspace with the features of a breakfast nook are very popular choices for the use of reclaimed wood. Maryland Wood Countertops specializes in making the most of small or crowded kitchen spaces. In addition to building beautiful custom wood countertops, we also make unique tables that nest against your curved cabinet and reclaimed wood tabletops that are sure conversation starters.

The Breakfast Bar and Countertop Combination

Some of our Germantown wood countertops clients wanted a kitchen island and a breakfast nook but didn’t have space for both. If you’re in the same situation, we can build an appealing wood countertop that’s straight on the inside, or working side, and curved like a table on the outside. The curved side, called a chamfered edge, adds space so that you can work or set out serving dishes while your family or guests dine in comfort at the same time.

An island countertop that’s curved on the outside gives you more seating space and makes eating at the breakfast bar more comfortable. To make use of all of your kitchen island’s space, we can build wine racks or shelving for cookbooks into each end of the cabinet. We recommend plank-style construction for Germantown wood countertops that will be used as breakfast bars.

The Kitchen Bar

Do you want a solid wood bar in your kitchen but don’t have the room? The owners of Germantown wood countertops love our bar and wood countertop fusion. The countertop extends several inches beyond the base cabinets, affording ample space for barstools and a pleasant seating environment. The countertop is higher than the bar so you can work or serve without getting in the way of your guests.

You can choose to add handy amenities like a sink and waste hole to your kitchen island and bar so that you don’t have to turn your back on your guests. We use flat grain plank construction to create your kitchen bar custom wood countertop. What makes our Germantown wood countertops so popular are our innovative designs and our commitment to keeping up with the latest trends in wood countertop design.

The Perks of Germantown Wood Countertops

We strive to keep our business as green as possible, from incorporating all usable scrap wood into our butcher block countertops and insets to using reclaimed wood to create countertops and tables. Our reclaimed Germantown wood countertops are sought after because we can make reclaimed wood look almost new, or we can preserve the rustic shape of the wood. The latter is easier to do with small tables like pub tables, but we can also craft an amazing rustic wood kitchen countertop or bar top out of irregularly shaped wood.

The reclaimed wood that we use in our wood countertops comes from all types of structures that are shut down or being gutted or torn down, including houses, barns, stores and warehouses. We remove all metal from reclaimed wood and sand the wood smooth, leaving knotholes, other natural markings and the distressed appearance created over time visible. The markings and irregularities in your reclaimed wood countertop give it character and a sense of history.

We do custom work for private homeowners and business owners who want the highest quality Germantown wood countertops. Whether you want a stylish makeover for your kitchen or an update for your restaurant or bar, contact us for a consultation. We’ll work with you to add unique appeal to your home or business.

Turn your kitchen into a showplace with wood countertops. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to set up a consultation or a visit to our showroom and woodworking shop.