Adding real wood to your home is a great way to enhance value and make your home more inviting to friends and family. Most kitchens could use some attention. To make a great impression on guests and potential buyers, rejuvenate your kitchen with real wood countertops.


Wood suits every style

For homeowners in Chevy Chase, wooden countertops add value & warmthFrom elaborate Victorians to simple cottages, Chevy Chase wooden countertops always look genuine and make your kitchen your most popular room. There’s something about a polished or painted wood countertop that gives a kitchen a comfortable feeling and makes people feel at home.

Wood makes boring kitchens beautiful

Too often, vintage kitchens are buried under decades of remodeling. Removing marble, granite or laminate countertops and replacing them with Chevy Chase wooden countertops reveals the true character of your kitchen. When you have countertops that fit your house’s style, you can easily give your kitchen a makeover by adding antique-print fabrics or vintage furnishings.

Wood sets off your decor

You may have heirloom china, silver or a collection of copper cookware that doesn’t look right with characterless laminate or multicolored granite. Old-fashioned Chevy Chase wooden countertops can provide a beautifully simple background for your cherished antique and vintage kitchen items.

Wood can be soft and modern

Homeowners in Chevy Chase often want a kitchen with clean lines, no clutter and dramatic solid colors in their fabrics, but without the cold feeling of marble or granite. You can design your Chevy Chase wooden countertops out of naturally dark, dramatic woods like walnut, or you can paint or stain your wood counters. Wood brings just the right touch of coziness to a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and stone flooring.

Woods can be combined with other natural or painted woods

For a personal statement, choose light Chevy Chase wooden countertops that complement painted glass-fronted cabinets. For a beach cottage, paint your wood countertop blue and leave your cabinets natural. You can even match your wooden countertops to your hardwood floor to pull a large kitchen together and make it homier.

Wood feels and smells good

It glows under candlelight and low light and makes your family feel close and nostalgic. Wood countertops are the perfect surrounding for family gatherings.


There’s nothing like wood to create a welcoming kitchen. Your family and guests won’t want to leave. Should you put your house on the market, buyers will be drawn to the kitchen. Attractive wood countertops make a kitchen feel like home, even to newcomers.


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