Entertain Your Guests Around an Annapolis Custom Kitchen IslandDo you love the idea of entertaining at your Annapolis home but feel that you don’t have an appropriate space? A custom kitchen island will impress your guests and make serving at special dinners or cocktail parties much easier. Our Annapolis custom kitchen island tops are attractive and convenient. They’re also sure conversation starters, because once your guests see your new kitchen island top, they’ll wish they had one in their own home.

The Popularity of Home Entertaining

More people are starting to entertain at home because they prefer getting together with family, friends and neighbors at home than in a noisy pub or restaurant. Why go out when you love to cook and relax in your own home?

A custom kitchen island is the perfect thing to dress up your kitchen and create a center point for your parties. If you’re looking for an Annapolis custom kitchen island vendor, Maryland Wood Countertops is well known for our artisanal woodworking and superior customer service.

Home entertaining has traditionally been centered around the patio or deck. Many people want to continue entertaining through the fall and winter but don’t have an indoor space that makes guests feel relaxed and casual. An Annapolis custom kitchen island will give you a place to sit and have drinks and appetizers. A kitchen island also makes it convenient to set out drinks and snacks so your guests can serve themselves.

The Convenience of Entertaining At an Annapolis Custom Kitchen Island

Sitting around an Annapolis custom kitchen island creates an entirely different atmosphere than entertaining at your dining table. You and your guests will be able to chat over drinks and dinner as if you were out at a restaurant while you’re in an intimate environment with your own music or movies playing in the background. Entertaining at your custom kitchen island makes it easy to watch the stove and oven while enjoying time with your company.

An Annapolis custom kitchen island is an excellent choice if you want a space for your guests but you don’t want a full home bar. We can customize your wood kitchen island top with features like a drip edge and foot rest to give you and your guests the comforts of a traditional pub counter right in your own home. You can have drinks at your island, then move into the entertainment room for movies or to watch the game.

An island makes it easy for guests to set out their own dishes and drinks. Entertaining around your Annapolis custom kitchen island also keeps the dishes and glasses in one spot, making cleaning up quick and convenient. You can leave the mess until tomorrow and keep your dining table clean for breakfast.

The Right Custom Island For Your Kitchen

Many of our clients ask for an Annapolis custom kitchen island that will serve as a focal point for entertaining and as a breakfast area for the family. We can build any shape or size island that you like and involve you with the design project. A rectangular island lets you seat more people while you serve from the opposite side. A square island gives you a cozier space. A popular option for islands that will be used as eating areas is to have a custom wood island top with a curved, extended outside edge for comfortable seating space.

When we build an Annapolis custom kitchen island intended for entertaining, but they are also a lovely addition to your home. We use a special finish to protect the wood island top from spills. Islands that are to be primarily used for food preparation receive a finish suited to that purpose.

Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to start your custom kitchen island project. In a few short weeks, you could be entertaining as you’ve always wanted.