Impress with a Custom Wood Countertop in Annapolis, Maryland (MD)A dinner party or holiday gathering is the perfect occasion to show off your new wood countertop. Your guests will immediately see the change in your kitchen from average to extraordinary. Wooden countertops display your dinnerware and special dishes to perfection. If you love to entertain in your Annapolis home, get a custom wood countertop and make it look like you’ve had a kitchen makeover.

Wood Countertops for Working and Entertaining

If you’ve been looking for a custom wood countertop in Annapolis, we have the biggest variety of styles available. We build all styles of custom wooden countertops, using everything from reclaimed wood to the finest new hardwoods. Our wood countertops are created to suit your exacting standards.

Many of our clients looking for a custom wood countertop in Annapolis want counters that can go from a work surface to an area for setting out drinks and appetizers. Our counters are designed by professionals who know what homeowners want and need in a kitchen countertop. We have beautiful, thick natural wood counters with curved edges that are perfect for leaning against while you work. You don’t have to lean against an uncomfortable straight-edged counter anymore.

Our woodworking artisans stain and seal your wood countertop against spills and everyday bumps from dropping silverware or pans being banged against it. When we build a custom wood countertop in Annapolis, we want you to feel at ease preparing food on it, serving your guests and family and entertaining around it.

Wood Countertops for Entertaining Friends and Family

Your friends will be dazzled the first time they see your custom wooden counters. We stain, polish and oil every wood counter until it glows. Our countertops show off your fine china and glassware. You can be proud to tell your guests that you got your custom wood countertop in Annapolis from professional designers and artisans.

Nothing sets off holiday decor like beautiful natural wood kitchen counters. Our woodworking artisans polish your wood countertop until it shines. Your holiday candles and lights will glow and reflect off the wood and make your kitchen feel warm and welcoming. Even dark woods will gleam and shimmer under candlelight and chandeliers.

Choosing the Best Wood Countertop for Entertaining

If you like to entertain frequently, you need a wooden countertop that’s tough but also elegant. You can get both in a variety of woods, from light reclaimed chestnut that matches your country kitchen to teak that brings warmth to a contemporary kitchen. We provide a professional consultation to help you choose the best custom wood countertop in Annapolis for your kitchen and your style.

We work hard to make your custom wood countertop in Annapolis resistant to damage. If your counter is damaged by a knife scratch, a scrape by a meat fork or a burn from a hot pan, we can usually make it look good as new. Repairing a custom wooden counter involves sanding away the damage and then staining and re-oiling the counter.

Granite and marble don’t have to be the standard for kitchens designed around entertaining. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with walnut. Dark glossy cherry also looks fantastic for entertaining. Our striped maple counters are sure conversation starters.

Start choosing your custom wood kitchen countertops by looking over the photo gallery on our website. Keep in mind that the photos in our gallery are projects for other clients. We’ll design custom wooden kitchen counters just for you that are stylish and serviceable. Have some ideas for enhancing your kitchen? Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 and arrange for a consultation.