Choose Class Kitchen Islands with Butcher Block Tops in ColumbiaQuality kitchen islands with butcher block tops in Columbia can help make your kitchen more functional and aesthetically pleasing. You no longer have to choose between a tastefully furnished kitchen and one that you can feel good about working in.

By having a butcher block island custom built to your unique needs, you can have a beautiful and practical space to do many activities from chopping and dicing vegetables to serving appetizers. A quality island can be the perfect addition to your home. Now you can have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Choose Beautiful Kitchen Islands with Butcher Block Tops in Columbia

You can pick out a wood that will make your home as attractive as possible. Go for a rugged oak look, or consider an elegant maple. You may even be interested in a wenge wood look. When you want to update the look of your decor, why not go with a useful item that will bring a natural beauty to your home and add to its value?

Prepare Food Right On Your Kitchen Islands with Butcher Block Tops in Columbia

Instead of using a cutting board, you can just use your butcher block top to prepare your meals. You can choose from different construction styles on this type of top, and some styles like end grain will even help camouflage knife marks so that your countertop will continue to look its best after many years of use.

Types of Construction Styles:

  • End Grain
  • Edge Grain
  • Premium Wide Plank

Imagine Having High End Kitchen Islands with Butcher Block Tops in Columbia

There are many reasons to add a kitchen island to your home. You can have a place to do much more than just prepare foods with an island, and a premium wood choice is going to bring a warm atmosphere to your residence right away.

Choose Amazing Kitchen Islands with Butcher Block Tops in Columbia

Consider picking out the perfect edge for your island so that it will have that customized look you want. You may decide to go for a rounded edge if you want a traditional look, or go for an ogee edge that will offer curves for your elbows to rest on.

Other Popular Edge Styles:

  • Bullnose
  • Back Bevel
  • Flute
  • Cove
  • Deco

Unique Quality Kitchen Islands with Butcher Block Tops in Columbia

Along with picking out the wood, construction style, and edge styles, you can also be a part of the design process by picking out the finish of your island as well. It’s important to pick out a finish that will be safe around foods if you plan on having it put on your butcher block top. A quality finish can help protect your top from moisture, heat, and more.

Find the Best Finish for Your Unique Needs

You can choose from different finishes for your kitchen islands with butcher block tops in Columbia, but a food grade mineral oil with natural waxes can help to repair scratches and keep your wood from drying out. To keep this type of finish in top shape, you will need to have it reapplied often. You may also be interested in a lacquer, tung oil, varnish, or many other finishes on a wood that you don’t plan on using for cutting.

By choosing to have a custom butcher block island, you’re going to be investing in an item that you can be proud to own and treasure for many, many years to come. The right island in your kitchen can reflect your personal sense of style when you have it built based on your ideas and specifications.

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