Bethesda custom kitchen islands can be the prime focus of your kitchen. Imagine walking into your cooking area and having all of the extra work space you need. You can have an area designated for food preparation, or you can add chairs to give you somewhere to work on your laptop, sew, or do many other activities. There are many options when it comes to Bethesda custom kitchen islands.

Design Your Island by Choosing:

  • The wood type
  • Construction style
  • Edge profile
  • Size

Choose Bethesda Custom Kitchen Islands for Function, Style or Both

If you want to have an island that can be used for chopping and dicing, consider having a butcher block island installed. If you want a nook where you can sit down to work on puzzles, drink a glass of wine or have a snack, you may want to have a cherry wood island. There are many options available, and your island can be designed to meet your specific needs when you work with a custom builder.

Enhance Your Home with Bethesda Custom Kitchen Islands

You can enjoy having a custom island in your home made of reclaimed wood to make it more interesting and upscale in appearance. This type of wood is going to be strong and sturdy since it had decades to grow compared to wood that was cut down early, which is the practice today. This type of wood can add history and character to your home while giving you the work space you need.

Choose High-End Bethesda Custom Kitchen Islands

Instead of deciding to go with mass produced islands that you can buy in a store, go for a custom look that will suit your exact needs. Custom islands can have the extras that will help turn an ordinary kitchen into your dream kitchen. You can choose to have stylish hardware installed on it along with drawers for storage. Your island can also offer plenty of room to eat and relax if you pull some stools up to it.

Special Features on Bethesda Custom Kitchen Islands

Islands can be created to meet your needs and wants so that you can have the kitchen you have always wanted to have. You can enjoy an island that has a secret side shelf for all of your favorite cookbooks, or enjoy the convenience of having a stylish faucet to rinse off your vegetables installed in your island. When you have a custom product built according to your specifications, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

Quality Made Islands for Your Kitchen

Wood is a high-quality product, thanks to its durability and strength. It can be enjoyed for generations since it’s made to last. If it gets scratched, you can easily have it sanded and re-oiled so that it will look as good as new. This type of material is easy to care for and keep clean. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals on it to see beautiful results.

Use All of Your Floor Space

Instead of having empty space that you don’t need, maximize your work area with a sophisticated wood island. Your kitchen can be designed to make your life much easier. This area can be planned out to make sure that you a hard surface wherever you need it.

Your island can be just right for extra seating to turn into a convenient office for work at or as a place to do homework. You can put your laptop on it and watch movies while you prepare food, or do anything else that you choose. A unique island can be exactly what you need to complete the look of your kitchen.

A custom kitchen island is the perfect addition to your home. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 for a consultation.