If you’re looking for a local St Michaels hardwood countertop contractor, you should be sure to choose one who will provide you with reliable services. The right contractor can help you decide which type of wood will be good for your needs and what size surface space would work best for your kitchen. A hardwood countertop will provide you with many benefits and can look better with age and use.

Are You Looking for a Local St Michaels Hardwood Countertop Contractor?

Different construction styles include:


  • Edge grain
  • Flat-grain
  • End-grain

Choose a St Michaels Hardwood Countertop

You can find a St Michaels hardwood countertop that presents a warm and natural surface with an appeal that complements any decor. There are a variety of construction styles to meet your unique needs. Look at the benefits of each style and choose the best one, depending on whether you want a more fashionable or functional counter space.

Edge Grain Construction on a St Michaels Hardwood Countertop

This butcher-block counter style lets you have a thick board lay-up, and it’s a stable design that enables you to prepare foods with ease. This countertop choice is made with either long boards without any joints or from boards of different lengths that are finger-jointed. When you are looking for an affordable and strong option, edge grain will be sure to please.

Pick Flat-Grain for a St Michaels Hardwood Countertop

If you want a countertop with a streamlined look, a flat-grain choice will make you happy. This choice is made from flat boards and is more of an aesthetically pleasing choice than a countertop to work on. It’s affected by knives when you try to cut or chop on top of it, so you may want to be more careful with this type than others.

Imagine Having an End-Grain St Michaels Hardwood Countertop

This is a premium countertop choice that is strong and durable. You can cut and chop on it with gusto, and an end-grain hardwood countertop will never go out of style. The ends of this material are made into a checkerboard pattern and will look beautiful in any kitchen. This high-end product is a favorite among people looking for a quality countertop style.


There are many reasons to choose a local hardwood contractor to help you obtain the perfect countertops for your home. You can choose from Walnut, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Bamboo, or even Zebrawood to give your kitchen a new and updated look.


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