Butcher block is the new trend in Pennsylvania kitchens. Handmade butcher block suits every kitchen style and turns unused counter space into a useful work area. Butcher block surfaces are great for small kitchens. Our knowledge of butcher block and experience building it makes us the best Harrisburg PA butcher block vendor.

Why is Butcher Block So Popular?

Harrisburg PA Butcher BlockButcher block islands and countertops are attractive and make cooking more convenient. Our butcher block Harrisburg customers love their new countertops because they finally have the space to prepare big meals that involve cutting vegetables and meats and chopping herbs. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that hardwood is antimicrobial. This means that you can cut up a whole chicken on our butcher block surfaces without worrying about bacteria growth in the wood contaminating other foods.

We can build any style of butcher block surface that you want. We can use one hardwood, like walnut, so that your Harrisburg PA butcher block blends perfectly into your kitchen. If you prefer something more dramatic, we can use contrasting woods to create a surface that’s both useful and eye-catching. We offer various wood species and construction styles to make your butcher block appealing and functional.

Did you know that using butcher block is part of a green lifestyle? We build our butcher block from scraps and pieces of lumber left over from large kitchen projects. We try to use every piece of wood possible so that nothing usable is discarded. When you select butcher block for your Harrisburg kitchen, you’re getting a great choice of hardwoods and making an environmentally responsible decision.

What’s the Best Butcher Block Surface for Food Preparation?

Our clients often choose butcher block style construction for all their countertops simply because they love the way it looks. For a surface that will be used regularly to prepare food, we recommend a butcher block island or a large cutting board. You might like a butcher block extension for your existing countertop. If the idea of adding butcher block to your countertop appeals to you, you might consider a finished oak cutting board.

Butcher block island tops are convenient because you can keep an eye on the kids while you work or prepare a meal for two with your spouse. A butcher block island tops give you plenty of room so that you don’t feel like you’re stuck in a corner trying to put together a meal.

For the ultimate convenience when using your butcher block island, consider adding a waste hole. Waste holes let you get the food scraps out of the way without having to carry them to the trash can. Our expert woodworkers are experienced in building butcher block surfaces with waste holes, sinks and even cook tops.

What Are Edge Grain and End Grain Construction?

Edge grain butcher block is put together from strips from the edges of pieces of lumber. Most of our Harrisburg customers like edge grain construction for their countertops and island tops. Edge grain gives you a subtle, pleasing surface that’s easy on your blades. It lets your knife or cleaver penetrate the wood so that your blades stay sharp.

End grain construction means that the wood surface is made up of many small cubes of wood with the ends facing up. It’s a good choice if you want the hardest butcher block for your island top or countertop, but your knives will dull more quickly than with edge grain.

A Harrisburg PA butcher block is an excellent way to create the upscale kitchen you want. To learn more about our handmade butcher block, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.