Wood countertops add character and value to your home, restaurant or bar. But where is the best place to buy wood countertops? Maryland Wood Countertops is an established wood countertop vendor with a showroom and working wood shop in Maryland. We invite you to explore our website, see examples of completed projects and read testimonials from satisfied clients. You can call us or even visit us to learn more about how our wood countertops will transform your kitchen or business from average to outstanding.

Looking for the Best Wood Countertops in MD, VA, PA?

The Best Wood Countertops in MD, VA, PA are Handcrafted in the USA

The best wood countertops in MD, VA, PA are handcrafted in the USA by our experienced artisans. Your building or renovation project starts with design. Our designers will work with you to make your ideas fully functional. If you aren’t sure what type of wood countertop style is best for you, our designers will offer their best ideas for you to consider.

After your design is finalized, the next step is templating. Templating is simply constructing the supports or base cabinets. We then build a countertop that precisely fits the base. It takes about a month to build your custom wood countertops. Our exacting design and building process is part of the reason we’re known for the best wood countertops in MD, VA, PA.

A Wide Variety of Wood Species

You can select one wood or a combination for your custom countertops. Our knowledge of the variety of wood species means that you’ll get the best wood countertops in MD, VA, PA. We have the most popular woods for home kitchen or professional countertops, as well as a choice selection of exotic woods. If you don’t see the wood that you want on our website, contact us and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

American cherry, Brazilian cherry, Sapele mahogany and bubinga are all shades of red and will give your kitchen or restaurant a natural warm ambiance. Sapele mahogany is the deepest red, followed by bubinga, American cherry and Brazilian cherry. American cherry is ideal for a country or rustic-style kitchen or bar. Brazilian cherry looks great in a traditional kitchen.

Ash and hickory are known for their strength and are good choices for countertops that will undergo heavy usage. Both woods are on the light end of the wood color spectrum. Ash and hickory are perfect if you want a pale, cool wood for a country kitchen or a beach cottage. If you need the best wood countertops in MD, VA, PA for commercial use, you’ll appreciate how these woods resist damage from drops and shocks.

Different Construction Styles for Different Needs

End grain construction is the most recognizable style of butcher block. Many small pieces of leftover lumber are fitted together to make a perfect surface for cutting food. We can build butcher block from scraps of the same wood, or we can use contrasting woods for a dramatic appearance.

Edge grain is butcher block made with long strips of wood. The edges of the wood face up instead of the ends. Edge grain butcher block can help keep knives sharp longer and minimize the appearance of knife scars on the wood. Our expertise in crafting butcher block enables us to give you the best wood countertops in MD, VA, PA.

Flat grain countertops are the traditional style countertops constructed from multiple long planks of wood. Solid slab, a countertop made of a single slab of wood, is the industry’s premium countertop construction style and makes the best wood countertops in MD, VA, PA.

You can find in-depth information on construction styles, edges and finishes under Design Options. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

If you’re looking for the best wood countertops in Maryland, Virginia or Pennsylvania, look no further. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to set up a consultation or a visit to our showroom and woodworking shop.