The Benefits of a Wood Vanity Top for Your Bathroom

A wood vanity top will change the way you feel about your bathroom. It’s like a mini renovation! Let the professionals at Maryland Wood Countertops bring upscale style to your bathroom.

How Does a Wood Vanity Top Compare to Standard Vanity Tops?

Modern Wood Vanity Top in Bathroom

Common countertop materials don’t stand the test of time the way that wood does. Some of the benefits of wood bathroom vanities are:

  • Wood doesn’t fade
  • Stains can be removed
  • Wood doesn’t crack or split
  • No expensive cleaning needed
  • Wood vanities increase in value
  • You can instantly change the style of your bath

Let’s compare some traditional bathroom vanity materials with wood bathroom vanities.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Tops vs Wood Vanities

While laminate countertops offer a wide range of color choices, any area in direct sunlight will fade over time. Laminate is also flimsy, with cracks and splits quite common.

Keep in mind also that laminate is often trying to mimic the look of hardwood. Why not go with the real thing? You can also choose to have your vanity stained. Wood doesn’t fade or split, and cracks are unusual.

Tile looks great in the bathroom until the grout gets dirty or starts to crack. Patched grout is very noticeable. Not only that, but professional grout cleaning is expensive.

Damage to wood vanities is usually superficial. Spilled nail polish is the most common damage, and that can be sanded smooth and refinished.

Marble can develop pits and rough spots over time that can’t be repaired. While it’s an attractive solution, it’s also commonplace, and it adds to the cold atmosphere of the average bathroom.

A wood bathroom vanity feels silky to the touch and adds visual depth due to the wood’s grain. Its highlights vary depending on the light. Wood is the right choice if you want a bathroom with a warm, relaxing ambiance. It brings an element of nature into your bath, something you can’t get with other countertop materials.

Wood and Redecorating

Do you like to repaint regularly? Do you like to try new bathroom styles to keep your bath refreshing? Redecorating is easy when you have a wood vanity. You can paint your bathroom in popular shades like deep red or beach cottage blue, or you can let the wood be the color.

Wood meshes well with standard and large tile. Contrasting wood countertops and wood floors creates pleasing visual interest. The next best thing to a home spa is a master bath redecorated with wood, and the wood construction style is up to you.

The most popular bathroom vanity request is double sinks. A second sink makes getting ready in the morning efficient and eases clutter. Your vanity will look neater when you have more room. Bowl sinks are very popular and look best on a wood vanity.

To speak to a member of our design team about more benefits of a wood vanity top, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.

How High-Quality Wood Kitchen Countertops Upgrade Your Home

Are you living with dingy, cracked or out-of-date countertops? New wood kitchen countertops will bring add life to your old kitchen while also adding value to your home overall.

Why Choose Wood Kitchen Countertops?

Our clients often ask, “What makes wood better than other countertops?” Some of wood’s advantages over other countertop materials include:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Various customization options
  • Resilience
  • Fade resistance
  • Repairability
  • Increases home value

In addition to these benefits, wood is always in style. Redecorating is also easy when you have wood countertops.

How to Choose the Best Countertop for You

At Maryland Wood Countertops, you can choose your wood construction style for your countertops. We also have many wood design options to meet your needs. The construction styles for countertops are:

We craft solid slabs from the width of a tree. If you want the most dramatic and impressive look for your countertops, a solid slab can be perfect for your kitchen.

Wood Kitchen CountertopsPremium wide grain is a classic choice for kitchen countertops and tables. While it’s a relatively inexpensive construction style, you’ll lose nothing in terms of resilience, beauty and style. The look of multiple planks will add visual interest to your kitchen, as you’ll gain variations in color, grain and markings.

Edge grain butcher block is the way to go if you want to prepare food directly on your countertop. We build our popular edge grain butcher block with long strips of wood. Your knife or cleaver blade will cut into the strips of wood, preserving the edge.

Our checkerboard end grain butcher block is becoming trendy in the Maryland area. We’ve built vanities and tables in this style, using walnut sapwood and heartwood for color contrast.

You can prepare food on end grain butcher block. However, be aware that your blades will bounce and dull faster than with edge grain. Cut marks will be much more visible.

Kitchen Islands

Have you always wanted a kitchen island for an additional eating area? A slab is perfect for an island countertop. Premium wide plank also makes a beautiful traditional island surface.

An edge grain butcher block island is also popular. With this option, you gain extra eating space and a convenient food preparation surface.

Waste holes and sinks provide a nice touch to kitchen islands. They make preparing meals and cleaning up after quick and simple.

Wood kitchen countertops make working and eating in your kitchen a pleasure. Wood enhances dark kitchens and adds warmth to kitchens with stainless steel. It also goes a long way in improving the look and value in your home.

It’s time to upgrade to wood countertops. Call us today at 443-840-7373.

Why a Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity is Perfect for Your Home

You’ll never look at tile or stone again after you see our unique wood bathroom vanities. Wood countertops are must-haves for the kitchen and the bath. For the ultimate in style, consider a reclaimed wood bathroom vanity top from Maryland Wood Countertops.

What Makes a Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity Special?

No one else will ever have a vanity top like yours. Reclaimed wood has a lot going for it, including:

  • Historical significance
  • Environmental value
  • Artistic appeal
  • It’s stronger than newer wood
  • It changes the look of your bathroom

If you’ve been thinking about a reclaimed wood vanity, now’s the time to go for it.

Where Do You Find Reclaimed Wood?

At Maryland Wood Countertops, we usually salvage our wood from abandoned barns in the Maryland area. We find great wood in old businesses and houses that are going to be demolished. We’ve even salvaged wood from shipyards and breweries.

A tumbledown barn in a field may look nostalgic, but in reality, it’s slowly deteriorating from the elements. The same goes for abandoned houses. We believe it’s important to save as much from these historical structures as possible, down to the last board.

How Does Using Reclaimed Wood Help the Environment?

You would be shocked to learn how much usable woods goes to the landfill when a building is demolished. We consider this to be a terrible waste. By choosing reclaimed wood for your bathroom vanity, you upcycle it into something beautiful.

Is a Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity Safe?

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom VanityAll of our reclaimed wood undergoes rigorous inspection. We go over each piece with a metal detector to ensure there are no hidden metal remnants. We also test each piece for strength and shock resistance.

Clients often have concerns about wood bathroom vanities. Wood is just as appropriate for a bathroom top as tile or laminate. In fact, not only is it more resilient, but it’s also more stylistic. While we design our tops to handle common moisture, be sure to use your fan while in the shower and dry the countertop afterward.

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Rustic or distressed aren’t your only style possibilities. You have many wood design options when you choose a reclaimed wood vanity.

Many clients do choose reclaimed wood specifically for the coveted natural distressed appearance. If you need a bathroom countertop for a vacation cabin or rustic home, primitive reclaimed wood is perfect.

If you prefer a more traditional look, our woodworkers can create it with their expert finishing techniques. Premium wide plank is an excellent construction style for a traditional or classic vanity. A live edge slab is perfect if you love bold style.

A reclaimed wood vanity will make you feel like you have a new bathroom. The installation is quick and easy. To learn about our current wood inventory, call Maryland Wood Countertops at 443-840-7373.

How Live Edge Slabs Add Character to Your Home

At Maryland Wood Countertops, we believe that sometimes the simplest style option can be the most dramatic. That said, dramatic can also be functional. If you feel the same way, you’ll love live edge slabs. They look stunning in rustic, traditional and modern homes.

Defining Live Edge Slabs

The Beauty of Live Edge SlabsA slab is a cut of wood the full width of a tree. A live edge slab has one natural edge that’s irregular and may have remnants of bark. A single slab is a full slice out of a tree that has a natural edge all the way around.

Bookmatch slabs are two halves of a single slab joined together. Joining two matching slabs gives the surface additional visual interest because it resembles an open book.

How We Use Live Edge Slabs

Slabs are typically smaller than a kitchen island top. Our clients request slabs for:

  • Bar tops
  • Coffee tables
  • Bridge tables
  • Floating mantels
  • Accent tables
  • Shelving

Live edge wood provides primitive accents for rustic homes and vacation cabins. It also adds the natural beauty of wood to modern homes without overwhelming your clean architectural lines.

Slab Furniture

If you need a small bar top with old-fashioned style, a slab is perfect. We finish bar top slabs with waterproof Waterlox® to meet your bar needs. To see a beautifully finished live edge slab, check out this walnut live edge bar top. When you view this piece, you can also see how we join two halves of a slab.

Coffee tables are important for their functionality and welcoming decor. A slab coffee table centers your living room and becomes a decorative element all by itself.

Slabs make great tops for card tables and pub tables. Successful entertaining is largely dependent on atmosphere. Your live edge table top will impress your friends and provide a conversation starter.

Accent tables are great ways to start living with natural slabs. You may also be interested in oak burl accent tables.

Slab Architectural Elements

Does your built-in fireplace seem to lack something important? You need a modern mantel. A live edge floating mantel perfectly combines traditional and modern style and looks great without any clutter.

If you want to display photos and art without bulky furnishings, you’ll love live edge slab shelving. Live edge shelving is the trendy new way to organize and display your books.

Live edge slabs are an excellent way to add character to your home. To learn what our designers can do for you, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.

Why Wood Works for Kitchen Counters

Wood Makes a Suitable Countertop for Kitchens

Wood isn’t just beautiful and stylish. It also makes the toughest, most functional tops for kitchen counters. If it’s time for a big change in your kitchen, wood works all around. The designers and woodworkers at Maryland Wood Countertops are here to help you initiate that change.

Aren’t Wood Kitchen Counters Expensive and High Maintenance?

Beautiful Kitchen CountersWood countertops are easy to clean with mild soap and water. Even butcher block doesn’t require any special cleaners.

The expense of your countertops depends on:

If you want wood for your countertops, Maryland Wood Countertops can make it work within your budget. Keep in mind that wood tops for your counters add value to your home.

Why is Wood the Best Choice for Functional Countertops?

Wood is the most customizable countertop material. When you choose us to fabricate your countertops, our experienced woodworkers will bring your ideas to life with expert craftsmanship.

Popular extras for countertops include built-in cutting boards and waste holes. A large cutting board is a great alternative if you don’t want a full butcher block top. A waste hole is a real timesaver when you’re preparing a big meal. It also keeps your trash out of sight.

A full butcher block countertop is a functional luxury. It adds artistic appeal to your kitchen, and dedicated chefs will love the convenience.

What If I Damage My Kitchen Countertops?

Wood is family-friendly because it’s the easiest countertop material to repair. Drink rings are the most common type of damage to wooden countertops. Fortunately, refinishing will make those areas look as good as new. We can also sand away and refinish burn marks from hot pots and pans.

Wood countertops accumulate small dents and scratches over the years. These are considered part of the wood’s patina. Regular re-oiling or re-conditioning will make scratches less noticeable. If you get a deep scratch, we can minimize its appearance.

What Are My Customization Options?

At Maryland Wood Countertops, you’re not just buying new kitchen counters. You’re also a key part of the design process. After you choose from a variety of available wood species, you’ll have total control over the construction style, edges and the type of finish for your new top. Whether you choose a gorgeous solid slab island with a live edge or an edge grain style for your entire top, the choice is yours. We’re committed to building countertops that work for you in every aspect.

Ready for high-quality wood for your kitchen counters? Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.

Choosing Beautiful Maple Countertops for Your Kitchen

If you’re considering new material for a kitchen countertop, maple is a family-friendly wood. Maple countertops resist abrasion well, and they’re less likely than other woods to be scratched by dropped silverware, kids’ school stuff and pets’ claws. Maple is best known for its soft golden shades, but they can also be a bright shade of honey.

Why You’ll Love Maple Countertops

Maple is a beautiful, underrated wood. We recommend maple for kitchen countertops because of its superior qualities, including:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Exceptional strength
  • Shock resistance
  • Light, bright color range
  • Looks great with other woods
  • Enhances rooms with painted cabinets/walls

Ironically, while maple looks delicate, it’s one of the strongest hardwoods we offer at Maryland Wood Countertops.

The Colors of Maple

Beautiful Maple CountertopsAll wood species have their own color palettes. This is because the heartwood of a tree is the darkest wood and the sapwood (outer layers) is lighter.

Maple’s outermost layer is a creamy, pale yellow. The heartwood is medium warm brown. For glossy high color without using stain, we finish maple with waterproof Waterlox® Satin. For an example of how the color really pops, check out this maple island stove surround we fabricated for a recent client.

If you prefer a soft tawny brown with a natural texture, we can finish your countertop with Arm-R-Seal. To see a top with this color and texture on a painted island, check out our edge construction maple island. Maple complements both soft colors and trendy colors like bright green.

Maple seems to absorb and reflect natural light. If you need to brighten your kitchen, maple and a light, neutral paint color will work wonders.

Functional Maple Countertops

Are you tired of keeping multiple cheap cutting boards for meat and vegetables? Choose a maple wood butcher block. Not only does it have has natural antibacterial protection, we also use food-safe Howard Butcher Block Conditioner on our tops.

Maple works well in butcher block for a few reasons. A maple surface can definitely take a blow, making it ideal if you use heavy cleavers. Edge grain is the best style of butcher block for regular use. We build it from strips of wood, creating a surface that’s tough but easy on your blade’s edge.

Maple’s pale sapwood makes a dramatic but not too showy contrast when combined with other woods. One client asked us to build a cutting board with some visual interest into her cherry countertop. We combined white maple sapwood with warm cherry to make elegant, tough butcher block.

If you think that maple is the makeover that your kitchen needs, call Maryland Wood Countertops at 443-840-7373 to speak to one of our design team members.

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