Tung oil, also called China wood oil, is harvested from the nuts of the tung tree. It’s been used to finish wood since at least 500 B.C. At Maryland Wood Countertops, we use tung oil finish to waterproof countertops and bar tops.

Is Tung Oil Finish Really Waterproof?

Benefits of a Tung Oil FinishHistorians and archaeologists believe that the Chinese used tung oil for over 2,000 years. As a drying agent, it’s been used in:

  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Caulking material (necessary for boats)
  • Waterproofing boats
  • Waterproofing buckets

If tung oil finish can keep a boat from sinking, it can certainly protect your wood countertops. In fact, the finish is even good for exterior applications. Recently, Maryland Wood Countertops constructed a “teak rocket launcher” for a client’s boat.

Is Tung Oil Finish the Best Option for Waterproofing Wood Today?

Some woodworkers swear by linseed oil, but we’ve found it to be inferior to using a tung oil finish. Linseed oil’s only benefit over tung oil is price, but when you’ve invested your money in custom wood countertops, you should get the finish that will best protect them.

Linseed oil has chemical compounds that make it dry quicker than tung oil. This sounds good, but the chemical-induced quick drying doesn’t produce a smooth, even finish. Over time, these chemicals can give your finish a yellow tinge, and even make it smell bad. You definitely don’t want that happening to your bar or countertop.

The only downside to using tung oil to finish wood is that it takes longer to dry. However, in the traditional woodworking industry, faster is rarely better.

How Will Tung Oil Finish Improve My Bar?

At Maryland Wood Countertops, we build bar countertops knowing that they will be subjected to rigorous daily use. We anticipate spilled drinks and sweaty glasses. But before that, we see your bar as your customers will when they walk in the door.

If you own a bar or restaurant, establishing a great atmosphere is vital. The wood finishes you choose catch the eyes of your first customers. New, completely dried tung oil can be so glossy that it looks wet. All bar owners know that an appealing bar top is part of a successful bar.

When you’re wiping up a spill on your bar top, you can reassure your customer that there’s no permanent damage. For a successful bar, customers need to feel at ease. Tung finish gives everyone peace of mind.

Why Do You Use Waterlox®?

We’ve experimented with countless stains and finishes in our woodworking shop. In all of our years servicing clients, we haven’t found a better finish.

We want happy clients, and we want our custom pieces to stand the test of time. Based on our testing and use of Waterlox®, we feel it meets our standards. It will undoubtedly meet yours.

Tung-based Waterlox® is suitable for both home and commercial kitchen countertops. Our clients tell us that tung oil keeps the wood around their sinks looking new. It’s also suitable for bathroom vanities.

How Long Will My Project Take to Complete?

Waterproofing wood for a bar top requires multiple layers of finish. We realize that our clients want their projects ready as soon as possible. However, we never compromise the quality of your project for a speedy finish.

It takes three to four coats to make your bar top waterproof. You can speak to a rep from our woodworking team with questions regarding your bar top’s wood species.

Finishing wood is a complicated subject. You may have read differing opinions on finishes, but rest assured that a tung oil finish is best to create a waterproof wood countertop solution. To sit down and talk with experienced woodworkers, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.