Butcher Block Countertops Are Convenient and EfficientButcher block has become the popular hardwood surface for custom kitchen countertops. Butcher block is attractive, practical and durable. It adds value to your home and also gives you the room you need to prepare complex dishes.

If you’ve been wishing for uniquely attractive hardwood countertops and more usable space in your kitchen, our custom butcher block is perfect for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top five beneficial aspects of butcher block countertops to help you understand what butcher block is and why it’s so much better than any mass-produced cutting board.

Butcher Block is Safe for Veggies and Meat

You’ve probably been told that bacteria from meat breeds in wood. This isn’t true of hardwood butcher block. Cheap wood cutting boards from the department store aren’t real butcher block. One of the most important benefits of hardwood is that it has natural resistance to bacteria.

We build butcher block from leftover wood or strips of hardwood torn from the sides of boards. Benefits of butcher block countertops include the fact that it’s actually more sanitary than a plastic cutting board, so you don’t need multiple cutting boards. Hardwood butcher block usually requires only basic cleaning to keep it ready for meal preparation.

Butcher Block Countertops Are Convenient and Efficient

There are two major benefits of butcher block countertops:

  1. The simplicity of cutting and chopping meats and vegetables right on the counter. No more searching around for a cutting board in the back of a cabinet somewhere.
  2. The ease of cleaning up after you prepare your meal. You can brush all the vegetable peelings and other discarded bits of food into the trash can and clean the counter without worrying about washing cutting boards.

One of the benefits of butcher block countertops is a handy custom feature called a waste hole. When you have a waste hole in your custom hardwood countertop, your kitchen garbage can is right at hand when you need it. It’s also concealed and out of the reach of your children and pets. A waste hole in your butcher block kitchen island or countertop makes cleaning up after meal preparation quick and simple.

Butcher Block is Eco-Friendly

Attractive benefits of butcher block countertops are their contribution to a green lifestyle. Benefits of butcher block countertops include saving good hardwood from being discarded, reducing carbon emissions and saving trees by saving lumber. Using every bit of leftover wood means less wood that has to be transported on our highways, less debris in landfills and more trees left to grow longer and produce saplings.

We’re committed to a business model that includes environmental responsibility. We’re very proud of our talented artisans who build gorgeous, sturdy butcher block countertops and island tops out of scrap hardwood.

Butcher Block is User Friendly

One of the benefits of butcher block countertops is their ability to withstand daily heavy use. You can use your biggest cleaver to cut up a whole chicken, and the blade marks only add character to the hardwood. If you drop a large pan, butcher block is usually very forgiving. If your butcher block incurs unsightly damage like a serious dent or a burn from a hot pan, we can sand and refinish the countertop to look like it never happened.

Butcher Block is the Ultimate Customizable Countertop

You can select one hardwood with natural variations in color, or you can pick hardwoods in different colors. You can design your own pattern, or you can let us put your butcher block together in a random combination. Butcher block can look fabulous in every kitchen.

If you’re sold on custom butcher block countertops, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373. We’re ready to schedule your free consultation.