The Best Wood for Your Kitchen Countertops is Solely PreferenceThe best wood for your custom kitchen countertops is the one that meets your cooking and entertaining needs, enhances your kitchen and makes you happy. Some hardwoods are excellent for use as food preparation surfaces, and others are more appropriate for kitchen islands that serve as eating and entertaining areas.

Reclaimed wood is perfect for the kitchen in your restored historic home. Maryland Wood Countertops has built nearly every style of custom wood countertop that you can imagine, so we’re experts at helping our clients select the best wood for their kitchens.

Hardwood for Modern and Contemporary Kitchen Countertops

You may think of granite or marble countertops when you think of a modern kitchen, but wood countertops perfectly complement stone surfaces, floors and even stainless steel appliances. Custom hardwood countertops add warmth to modern and contemporary kitchens. We have many suggestions for the best wood to use for kitchen countertops in modern and contemporary kitchens.

Walnut is a versatile hardwood and one of our choices for the best wood to use for kitchen countertops. Walnut’s range of colors from golden to nearly black make it ideal for modern kitchens. If you want a custom butcher block countertop or island top in your modern kitchen, walnut is an excellent choice. We built a beautiful end grain black walnut cutting board that you can see on our Projects by Wood species page.

Wenge is the best wood to use for kitchen countertops in contemporary or modern kitchens if you want a very dark wood surface. It’s a good selection for the countertop that contains your sink. Wenge is an exotic hardwood that will be the envy of your guests. We can sand it smooth and apply a glossy, waterproof finish that will look beautiful in your black and white kitchen.

Hardwood for Traditional and Classic Kitchens

Cherry countertops are lustrous and have a natural depth due to cherry wood’s color variations and wonderfully even grain. Cherry can be the best wood to use for kitchen countertops when you need a hardwood to brighten up your kitchen. It helps you create a warm, traditional atmosphere. Cherry wood is the perfect choice for custom kitchen islands and countertops if you do a lot of entertaining and want your guests to feel at home in your kitchen.

If you love cherry but want to combine it with another hardwood to tone down cherry’s brightness, maple is an excellent pick. We’ve combined maple and cherry to make stunning and useful butcher block surfaces. Maple’s subtle pale yellow blends perfectly with cherry wood. Maple is also the best wood to use for kitchen countertops when you want a warm, light colored hardwood with subtle natural color variations.

Hardwood for Rustic and Restored Kitchens

Reclaimed wood is the best wood to use for kitchen countertops in country and rustic kitchens. It’s also ideal for restored or historic homes. If you want an authentic rustic countertop or a naturally distressed custom countertop, go with reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed wood saves a piece of history from the landfill.

Reclaimed oak is hard, heavy and our recommendation for countertops in your home bar. Reclaimed pine countertops will instantly make you feel as if you’re in a 19th century farmhouse kitchen. Reclaimed chestnut is the best wood to use for kitchen island countertops and other small kitchen surfaces.

The hardwoods we’ve described are only a handful of the wood species we use in our custom kitchen countertop projects. When you schedule a consultation with us, our design team will get to know you and your family’s needs to help you choose the best wood to use for kitchen countertops in your home.

Get the upscale look for your kitchen that you’ve always wanted. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to learn more about our selection of fine hardwoods for your custom countertops.