The right wood for a custom bar top depends on your home or business style and how you prefer to entertain. It’s best to select a resilient wood that will stand up to bumps and bangs from heavy bar mugs and dishes. Maryland Wood Countertops has built full bars, small moveable bars and even patio bars. Our experienced design and woodworking teams are ready to help you choose the best wood for your bar.

Finding the Best Wood for Bar Tops

How to Determine the Best Wood for Bar TopsReclaimed wood is the best wood for bar tops if you want a rustic bar. Some of our reclaimed wood comes from old pubs and restaurants, so it’s perfect for your custom bar. Our most popular reclaimed hardwoods are pine, chestnut and oak. Understanding the qualities of each will help you choose the best wood for bar tops for your home or business.

Oak is strong, stiff and resistant to warping. It’s a good choice for outdoor bars. Reclaimed oak is usually easy to find, making it the best wood for bar tops if you have a large project.

Wood bar tops can be pale honey-colored, classic dark brown or dramatic golden brown. Many of our clients consider dark brown reclaimed oak a candidate for the best wood for bar tops because it looks good in almost any style of home or business. Reclaimed oak stands out in a room with other hardwoods but doesn’t overpower them. It looks spectacular when paired with stone or vintage brick.

Reclaimed chestnut can be the best wood for bar tops if you want a small bar for your home. Chestnut was usually harvested in small pieces because warping was a possibility with large pieces. Reclaimed chestnut is perfect for a kitchen bar top. You can see an example of a chestnut kitchen bar on our Projects by Wood Species page.

Our reclaimed pine comes from trees that were hundreds of years old when they were harvested. It’s durable and a good choice if you want a large bar top for a historic home or business. Reclaimed pine is a handsome amber color. We can sand it smooth for a bar in a traditional style home or leave all the marks of time and use that give it that coveted distressed appearance for your dedicated home pub.

New Hardwood Bar Tops

Many experienced woodworkers consider walnut to be the best wood for bar tops due to its shock resistance and range of colors. Walnut can be golden, honey colored or medium to dark brown. Walnut bar tops can be satin-smooth with a muted grain or conversation pieces with prominent textures and knotholes. Walnut is a good hardwood to combine with granite or marble for a classy and comfortable bar.

If you want something out of the ordinary, bubinga is our suggestion for bar tops with an exotic flair. Bubinga is a reddish-brown hardwood from South America and Africa. It has a showy grain and makes a bar top with a lot of visual interest.

Get the best wood for your bar top. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 and let’s talk about your many options.