Butcher block countertops are beautiful and convenient. Maryland Wood Countertops is very experienced in building sturdy butcher block that will last a lifetime and become more attractive with use. We like to get to know our customers so that we can help them choose the best hardwood and type of construction for their unique needs and kitchen style.

Understanding Butcher Block

Finding the Best Place to Buy Butcher Block CountertopsTo find the best place to buy butcher block countertops, you first need to get a better idea of what butcher block is and how it’s made. We want our clients to understand our woodworking process so that they feel confident choosing us to build their custom countertops. Knowing the terms that woodworkers use when referring to butcher block will make it easier for you to discuss your project with us.

Butcher block is a wood surface constructed from cubes or strips of wood, usually left over from other projects. Butcher block surfaces can be built from pieces of the same wood species or different types of hardwood. Our design team has helped us become the best place to buy butcher block countertops. They’re ready to help you select woods that meet your cooking needs and add beauty and value to your kitchen.

Edge grain construction is very popular with our clients because it suits any kitchen and is easy on knife and cleaver blades. Edge grain butcher block is made from strips of wood from the sides of pieces of lumber. It can be used to create a classic butcher block look for a traditional kitchen or a modern look for a contemporary kitchen. Please see our page of edge grain butcher block projects under Projects by Wood Species for examples of traditional and contemporary butcher block.

End grain butcher block is made from small scraps of wood with the ends facing up as your cutting surface. End grain construction gives you a strong countertop with intricate patterns. It can be challenging to work with the small cubes of wood used in end grain butcher block. We’re the best place to buy butcher block countertops because our artisans are experienced in building end grain surfaces.

End Grain or Edge Grain: Differences in Function and Style

Being the best place to buy butcher block countertops means making sure our customers understand the pros and cons of both construction styles. End grain butcher block adds a touch of drama to your kitchen decor. It’s a good choice if you like one standout element in a room. End grain is a very hard cutting surface, so you’ll need to sharpen your blades regularly.

Edge grain butcher block countertops blend well into any style kitchen. The sides of the wood strips face up, so your knife or cleaver will penetrate the wood as you cut. This preserves your blade edge and minimizes the appearance of cut marks.

Designer Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops are more than just cutting surfaces. You can have a stovetop, sink or waste hole in your custom butcher block countertop just as in any other type of countertop. Butcher block countertops make your kitchen efficient and uniquely beautiful. Part of being the best place to buy butcher block countertops is our experience in customizing them to your needs.

We’ve worked hard to become the best place to buy butcher block countertops. As part of our superior customer service, we offer you the ability to see samples of our work in our showroom and fully functional workshop. When you view and touch both styles of butcher block, it will be easier for you to decide which best suits your needs.

Enjoy the beauty of butcher block countertops in your kitchen. Contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to get started on your custom butcher block kitchen project.