Do I need to worry about my wood countertop or butcher block harboring bacteria?

No, in addition to adding warmth and beauty to your kitchen, hardwood surfaces are extremely durable and hardwearing. Wood countertops and butcher blocks are antimicrobial and do not harbor the growth of germs, molds, or mildew.

Do I need to worry about my wood countertop or butcher block warping?

Wood is a natural product subject to changes in humidity and temperature. Our countertops are finished on both the top and the bottom to limit the changes. Generally speaking, the humidity in one’s home does not fluctuate greatly enough to cause a finished top to warp beyond repair.

Do I need to worry about my wood countertop or butcher block cracking?

They can develop small cracks or checks over time. This is a natural wood process and not considered to be a defect. They rarely result in structural problems and, if desired can be easily repaired by the homeowner.

Can I cut or chop on the surface of my wood countertop or butcher block?

Yes, if you select to have you countertop or butcher block finished with Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner, or you select End Grain or Edge Grain your wood surfaces will be better protected for cutting. If you select a wax finish for your wood surface we recommend using a cutting board to protect your new custom piece. For more information on finishes check out our design options.

Can I have an undermount sink with wood countertops?

Yes, our countertops are sealed to protect against water damage.

Can I set a hot pot or pan on my wood countertop or butcher block?

We’d recommend using a trivet on your wood surfaces as you can damage the finish and/or the wood if the pot or pan is too hot.

What is the most durable type of wood for countertops and butcher blocks?

All wood species are durable in their own way and wood countertops and butcher blocks can be dented and scratched by daily use, but will still last a lifetime, taking on a character all its own.

How long does it take to receive a wood countertop or butcher block?

Most pieces are completed 2-4 weeks after the deposit has been received. Timing can vary with intricate and more complicated pieces. There is a rush service available for an additional charge.

How much do wood countertops and/or butcher blocks cost?

It is our company policy to provide a personalized quote that addresses all the custom options that make your completed project unique to you. A few guidelines we follow when pricing out unique pieces are the type and amount of wood (the more durable and unique the wood, the more expensive), any custom features, such as edge treatments (averages ~$6/foot) or custom stain finishes (averages ~$13/square foot), plus the cost of labor, delivery, and installation, which includes the removal of your existing countertops. For estimates on our various wood species, feel free to contact us directly or visit us on our showroom.

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