Wood Counters Add Life to White Kitchens!The best thing about having wood counters customized for your home is knowing the final creation will be exactly what you want. You can choose everything from the wood species to the construction style, along with many other personalized details that will help complement your home’s theme and create an upscale look.

During our design process, you’ll have full control over:

  • Size
  • Wood species
  • Construction style
  • Finish

Choose Wood Counters That Are Perfect for Your Kitchen

Your new wood counters should enhance your kitchen’s functionality. You can have custom counters built to enhance your work space, allowing you to prepare foods and have all of the room you need to store items as well. The beauty of a custom kitchen design is that it will be made around your specific requirements.

Pick Out the Right Wood Species

There are advantages to every type of wood available for your counters. You can pick out a light-colored wood like ash, or you may prefer a deep, rich cherry wood. There are some woods that are more durable than others, and many woods are also shock-proof. You can find woods with the perfect texture, grain, and aroma for your kitchen.

Choose a Construction Style to Meet Your Needs

There are four major construction styles to choose from when it comes to your wood counters. Whether you’re interested in preparing, slicing and chopping foods directly on your wood top, or looking for an aesthetically pleasing countertop that can have a shiny finish, there’s a style for you.

Book Match and Solid Slabs

These wood counters are made from full width tree slabs. You can expect your counter to have a unique and natural look with these construction styles. It will provide you with a focal point in your kitchen that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

End Grain

End Grain construction recommended for butcher block tops used for slicing and dicing foods. It has a strong grain orientation, and will also be easy on your knives, allowing your cutlery to longer. It takes hundreds of unique wood pieces to make up this type of top, making it a wonderful investment for food preparation.

Edge Grain

Edge grain construction is a smart choice for those looking for a stylish, functional countertop. Long strips of wood make up this type of construction style, and you will be able to cut and chop on it with ease. It’s a viable solution for a workable kitchen counter space.

Flat Grain

Flat Grain is the most affordable construction style. It uses the faces of different boards to create a beautiful space. It may not be the best choice for daily food preparation, but it will be beautiful and long-lasting.


You can choose from a variety of finishes depending on your needs. Our various finishes allow for food-safe, heat and stain-resistant wood counters.

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