A Rustic Table Adds a Beautiful Touch to Your Home

When you want to add a charming country theme in your home, a rustic table can play a big role in the design process. Family and friends can gather around your table to dine and tell stories. Our experienced woodworkers at Maryland Wood Countertops use high-quality wood and expertly craft your piece to your complete satisfaction. Your new table will bring an infusion of character and style to your decor.

Customizing your rustic table includes:

  • Choosing the wood species
  • Going with the best size and shape for your needs
  • Selecting the legs and finish

Adding a Rustic Table to Your Home

Maryland Wood Countertops offers various wood species to give your home a rustic feel. Examples of woods that bring a rustic feel include:

Talk with a custom builder to find out the benefits of each available wood choice so that you can pick out the perfect one for your home.

The Benefits of a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

A reclaimed wood dining table can add sophisticated character and style to that area of the home. Using older wood allows your guests to experience a weathered and charming look. When you want a simple country style, reclaimed wood can be just what you’re looking for. Popular design options include reclaimed oak, reclaimed chestnut, or reclaimed pine.

Choose the Size and Shape of Your Rustic Table

There are many design options available when you choose us to build your custom rustic table. You can pick out the size and shape of your table so that it will fit exactly where you need it. A small cozy table or a large formal dining room table can enhance the look of any space, and in some cases change the complete look and feel of your home.

Round or oval tables are perfect choices for those who do not want sharp corners. Rectangular or square tables may be a better option for someone looking for a long formal table. Choosing a live edge slab exposes the wood’s natural edge, bringing the look of the outdoors into your home.

Adding Custom Legs and Specific Finishes to Your Rustic Table

When you work with Maryland Wood Countertop’s skilled artisans, you play a role in designing not only the top, but also the bottom. You may want your table to have traditional legs, trestle legs or pedestal legs. The finish that you choose for your table will make a big difference as well. You can choose a finish that will bring out certain colors in the wood, protect your table from water or one that adds superior scratch resistance.

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