A fine piece of wood furniture can pull your decor together. Specifically, a unique reclaimed wood dining table can be the perfect starting or finishing piece for any room. A custom table from Maryland Wood Countertops will definitely be one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home.

Benefits of a Reclaimed Wood Table from Maryland Wood Countertops

  • It can be any style or shape you want
  • You can choose from a variety of species
  • It can have a number of different edge profiles
  • We can add the perfect finish for style and functionality
  • It can connect everything else in the room

Choose Your Style

Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

With a reclaimed wood dining room table, you can enjoy how it blends all of the items in your room together. No matter what style you’re going for, talk with our custom builders to see what designs might work. You may want to go with a rustic look, a more formal choice, or an alternate compromise.

Choose a Wood that Will Bring Your Decor Together Perfectly

Pine, chestnut, and oak are the three most common reclaimed wood species. These options will each have a unique look and feel to bring to your home. Choose the wood that resonates most with your sense of style.

Select the Perfect Edge Profile for Your Lifestyle

Your home life factors into your edge choice. Homeowners with children may prefer a more rounded edge. For a traditional, classy look, a decorative edge adds class to any table. There are many other options available as well. Talk with your custom builder to see all of the available edges so that you can pick out one that works for you.

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Table

With Maryland Wood Countertops, a good finish can help your reclaimed wood dining table to look shiny and new, or it may offer protective qualities. You can choose a Waterlox® that will help protect your table from water, stains and heat. There are also finishes that enhance the wood’s appearance.

Let Your Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Connect Everything Else in the Room

Reclaimed wood is a popular choice because of its versatility. Wood looks good with marble, tile, steel, and just about anything else. When you are looking for the perfect material that will connect everything in the room, a reclaimed wood table will be the right finishing touch.

It can complement an elegant dining room with chandeliers and marble floors, or it can also go well in a country cabin with a laid back, earthy feel. Your dining room table can make a big impact on the overall feeling of your room, so be sure to choose a style that you’ll treasure. A reclaimed wood dining table will easily bring your entire room together.

When it comes to beautifying your home with a reclaimed wood dining table or other wood solutions, let the professionals at Maryland Wood Countertops provide a stunning, functional solution. Call us today at 443-840-7373.