Reclaimed Wood Desk Provides Finishing Touch to an Office

Want to add character and style to your work area? Consider adding a reclaimed wood desk to your space. A reclaimed wood desk will command attention and be one of the first things people notice when they walk into your office. Woodworkers and designers at Maryland Wood Countertops can help you build a custom piece that reflects your sense of style.

Choosing a Reclaimed Wood Desk

The benefits of choosing Maryland Wood Countertops for your reclaimed wood desk include:

  • Species Availability
  • Expert Custom Builders
  • Guaranteed Strength and Longevity
  • Excellent Value
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Great Addition for Your Decor

Choose the Best Wood for Your Unique Reclaimed Wood Desk

Whether you want to dazzle new clients or just impress your fellow workers, a reclaimed wood desk is sure to fit the bill. Some popular woods to choose from are:

The right wood choice will depend on the look and style you want to achieve. Reclaimed pine is a rare, beautiful wood with lots of character, while reclaimed oak is neutral and extremely durable, and reclaimed chestnut is an eye-catching choice, ensuring that your desk will stand out.

Talk with a Custom Builder

Tell your custom builder what you envision your desk to look like. You may want something destined to command attention, or you may prefer a desk that will complement a certain office theme. Consider whether you want a rustic, formal, or modern look.

Enjoy the Strength and Longevity of a Reclaimed Wood Desk

Our reclaimed wood comes from trees that were hundreds of years old before they were cut down. Old-growth wood will be much stronger than new lumber, giving you the strength and durability that you can count on.

Good Value for Your Money

A reclaimed wood desk provides lasting value. You’ll love it just as much ten years from now as you will once it’s installed.  Unlike many other building materials, premium reclaimed wood will develop a lovely patina over time, and its beauty and strength will just get better with age. When you choose reclaimed wood for your desk, it’s a smart investment.

A Reclaimed Wood Desk is Easy to Maintain

It’s important to care for your desk, and it can be an easy task when you choose reclaimed wood. You can easily clean your desk with a natural product like lemon oil, or even a mild cleaning agent. You don’t need harsh chemicals to maintain your desk’s beauty.

Complement Your Decor

A custom crafted desk can go well with just about any decor. A reclaimed wood desk adds style and functionality to any office. Maryland Wood Countertops will work within your specifications to create a desk that you’ll look forward to sitting behind every day.

A reclaimed wood desk from Maryland Wood Countertops will enhance the value and atmosphere of your home or office. Call us at 443-840-7373 to get a quote or schedule an appointment.