Beautiful Wood Island Countertop in White KitchenA premium wood island countertop is a smart investment. It’s a wonderful choice for almost any home, and it can greatly enhance your kitchen’s look, feel and functionality. When trying to pick out a quality building material, high-quality wood from Maryland Wood Countertops is the perfect solution.

Why Choose Wood?

  • Natural, Renewable Product
  • Adds Warmth and Beauty
  • Easy to Repair
  • Better Sound Absorption
  • Easy on Dishes and Knives
  • More Durability
  • Style Variations

A Natural and Renewable Island Countertop

You can feel confident about using wood for your kitchen island countertop since it’s an environmentally friendly choice. Whether you choose reclaimed wood or we get it from a sustainable source, you’ll enjoy your top for a very long time.

Beautiful Island Countertop Material

Wood brings the look of the outdoors into your home. Having it on your countertop will add warmth and charm to your home, unlike other materials like granite which can be cold and impersonal.

Easy to Repair

Although many people like small imperfections in their wood since it gives it character, you can refinish the surface. Unlike other products that you will have to dispose of after a certain period of time, wood can be sanded down and oiled so that it looks like new again.

Sound Absorption

Wood is a material that will absorb sound better than almost any other surface. You can place dishes, glasses, and other items on a wood island countertop without having to worry about making loud noises.

Easy on Your Cutlery

Wood provides a hard but functional material. You can chop and dice items directly on top of a butcher block top. A good island material will be easy on your knives so that they stay sharp for as long as possible.

Strong and Durable

We have a variety of wood species, including ash, hickory, oak and reclaimed pine, that are extremely strong and durable. You can find the perfect one to give you a strong and durable island countertop to enjoy using on a daily basis.

Many Styles

Wood is the best island countertop material is because of its many style variations. At Maryland Wood Countertops, you can choose different woods, construction styles, edges, and finishes. Our designers and woodworkers will create a top to your exact specifications, allowing you to enjoy having a beautiful piece of functional art in your home.

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