Need a functionally appealing countertop for your kitchen? At Maryland Wood Countertops, we can custom-design a cutting board countertop perfect for your needs.

Benefits of Butcher Block Countertops from Maryland Wood Countertops

  • Various Construction Style OptionsCutting Board Countertop Over Granite Island Top
  • Unique Edge Profiles
  • Variety of Wood Choices
  • Quality Finishes
  • Functional Beauty
  • Guaranteed Durability
  • Organic Style
  • Easy Maintenance

Construction Styles for a Cutting Board Countertop

The best construction style choices for a cutting board countertop are end grain and edge grain. End grain is made out of many different types of wood, often resembling a checkerboard style. Edge grain is an alternative, durable construction style. Generally, edge grain is less expensive because it uses less waste. However, both styles will allow you to prepare foods safely and effectively.

Unique Edge Profile

Unique edge profiles can provide a nice finishing touch to any butcher block countertop. Whether you want an eased edge or live edge, you can be sure that our custom builders can help you. You deserve to have an original looking top with the right edge for your needs.

Choose the Right Wood for Your Cutting Board Countertop

Custom builders at Maryland Wood Countertops can help you pick out a durable material that can withstand rigorous daily use. You can pick out oak, maple, chestnut or hickory, along with many other wood species. Our designers are in tune with your needs, and can help find a surface where you can cut fruits, vegetables, and meats on with ease.

Picking out the Right Finish

If you plan on preparing foods directly on top of your butcher block top, we can apply Howard’s functional finish for food prep. While this is the most common finish for cutting board countertops, we can apply Waterlox® for a non-prep surface to provide superior water, stain and heat resistance. Whatever your needs, Maryland Wood Countertops has a solution.

Custom Tops

A butcher block countertop can be made into a style that will work for you. You can make sure that your custom top is large enough to meet your needs. You can have all of the space you need to create delicious meals around your schedule. For instance, a butcher block island is the perfect solution for daily food prep.

Pick Styles Good for Your Knives

You can enjoy picking out construction styles that will be easy on your knives. Why get a separate cutting board when you can choose a cutting board countertop to simplify the process?

Choose an Organic Style

When you want an organic look for your kitchen, a cutting board style is going to be a nice choice. This style will bring in the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home.

An Easy to Maintain Solution

When it comes to your customized cutting board countertop, edge grain and end grain styles are easy to care for. When you cut and prepare foods on your top, you want to be able to clean it quickly. You won’t need harsh chemicals to keep your counters beautiful. Natural lemon oil and mild household cleaners will be just fine.

With experienced woodworkers, designers and installers, Maryland Wood Countertops has the resources to provide unique cutting board countertop solutions. Call us today at 443-840-7373 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.