Nothing takes a beating like a commercial kitchen. When equipping a commercial kitchen, it’s important to choose materials built to last and able to withstand heavy, regular use. Because of these tough requirements, many business owners choose wood for their commercial kitchen countertops. Find out why custom-built wood provides style and functionality for many commercial kitchens.

You Can Use Wood Countertops as Direct Preparation Surfaces

Example of How Beautiful Commercial Kitchen Countertops Add to Restaurant's AmbianceOne of the most important aspects of a commercial kitchen countertop is its utility. Unlike a home kitchen, where aesthetic appeal may be a major factor in the final decision, equipping a kitchen will be primarily about the bottom line and functionality.

In smaller commercial kitchens, or in any kitchen where space is a premium, wooden countertops can be a tremendous benefit. The countertop itself can be sanitized and used as a hygienic preparation space whether chefs are chopping vegetables or bakers are kneading dough. This makes the kitchen feel larger, offers more space to employees and is a practical way to expand the usable space within the room.

Custom Commercial Kitchen Countertops Fit the Space Perfectly

If space is truly at a premium in a commercial kitchen, then there should be no wasted areas of the room. However, buying generic countertops could mean that they don’t perfectly fit the kitchen. When investing in custom commercial kitchen countertops, everything will fit perfectly to maximize countertop space.

In addition, custom countertops allow you to choose the most practical and cost-efficient options when it comes to other areas of style. Some of the options that you can pick from might include:

Clean and Maintain Commercial Kitchen Countertops with Ease

There’s a common misconception that wooden countertops are high maintenance. In reality, that’s not true at all. Cleanliness is especially important in commercial kitchens, because they require regular maintenance for hygiene purposes. Therefore, the regular care for wooden surfaces will be similar to those for any other materials, and it may even result in a more hygienic environment as a result.

Cleaning custom wood countertops in a commercial kitchen might be as simple as rubbing them down with a warm solution of water and dish detergent, two things that are not in short supply in any commercial kitchen. Keeping the surface dry is also a priority to minimize the possibility of warping or discoloration.

You Can Refinish Commercial Kitchen Countertops

When investing in countertops for a commercial kitchen, durability and lifespan are key factors to consider. Even if the surfaces of a wooden countertop become nicked, cut or discolored from a hot pan resting on it, refinishing can revitalize it entirely. That’s certainly not an option with many other building materials. Sanding and resealing or oiling the surface can transform older countertops and bring them back to life, and it will be far cheaper than replacing the countertops altogether.

Commercial Kitchen Countertops Are Stylistically Appealing in an Open-Kitchen Environment

While some commercial kitchens are closed to the public, others invite guests to tour the premises, watch the chefs at work or even dine next to the action. If you want to create a warm, appealing space rather than a harsh, sterile environment that features a lot of stainless steel, then wooden custom countertops might be perfect for your commercial space.

Custom-built wooden commercial kitchen countertops are a top-of-the-line option that offer a long lifespan and an appealing style. Call 443-840-7373 to learn more about the great construction choices you have through Maryland Wood Countertops.