Cambria Countertops Can't Handle Day-to-Day Stress Like Wood CanIn the market for a brand-new kitchen countertop? There are many different surface and brand options, including Cambria, a popular quartz manufacturer. Although they offer a number of different colors, Cambria countertops lack character because of their uniform pattern and overall cold look. A wood countertop from Maryland Wood Countertops offers far more durability, character and style.

Pros and Cons of Cambria Countertops

Cambria countertops and other quartz manufacturers originated as an answer to granite and solid surface countertops. In general, they’re less porous than granite, and harder to scratch than solid surface tops. However, even though Cambria advertises a number of different styles, one word comes to mind: blah.

Because Cambria and quartz countertops are considered engineered (“quartz” countertops actually contain only 93% quartz, with the remainder comprised of resin), there’s far less variation. In fact, when choosing a quartz countertop, there’s no point in going to a quarry. What you see in the showroom will hardly vary from what you see at a warehouse. Absolute black at one fabricator will look exactly the same at another fabricator. Where’s the variety?

The Beauty of Wood

If the prospect of having an original, one-of-a-kind countertop in your kitchen excites you, wood countertops should be your No. 1 choice. You’re not locked into one set pattern available in one or two colors. We have a vast selection of wood species available. Whether you enjoy reclaimed chestnut’s rustic appeal or zebrawood’s vibrant grain pattern, Maryland Wood Countertops will help you select and personally handcraft the perfect look for your kitchen.  

Choose Your Construction Style

Cambria countertops—or quartz in general—only offer varying thicknesses. At Maryland Wood Countertops, you can actually pick from a range of construction styles.

Solid Slabs

While not ideal for large areas because full-width tree slabs only come in limited sizes, solid slabs are a tremendous solution for kitchen islands, bar tops or smaller galley kitchens because they produce a dramatic, eye-catching effect.

End Grain

Big into food preparation? End grain construction (sometimes called “butcher block”) consists of hundreds of individual wood pieces. This type of top can withstand constant cutting, and as a bonus, it’s easy on your cutlery.

Edge Grain

Edge grain is similar to end construction in terms of overall durability and how it takes many different strips to construct a top, but building it requires less waste.

Flat Grain

Commonly used in constructing custom furniture, flat grain fabricating also looks beautiful on countertops. We use the face of several boards, creating a unique look at a great value.

Wood Countertops are Easy to Maintain

Quartz manufacturers like Cambria boast that they’re easy to maintain. Getting a wood countertop from us ensures that you’ll have a beautiful, functional, maintenance-free piece of art.

There’s a common misconception that wood countertops don’t hold up to moisture. At Maryland Wood Countertops, we finish our tops with Waterlox, an industry-leading waterproof finish. Like with any countertop material, we encourage you to clean up any mess as quickly as possible. However, Waterlox is a very forgiving finish, which is also designed to be both heat-resistant and stain-resistant.

Don’t Settle for Cambria Countertops

Cambria countertops aren’t your only kitchen upgrade solution. If you want a durable material that adds style and class, Maryland Wood Countertops can find the right wood species for you. Get an online quote or call us today at 443-840-7373.