To make a big statement without a complete renovation, all you need do is add an island. We build butcher block islands to your specific needs, adding functionality and sophistication to your kitchen.

What Makes Butcher Block Islands So Special?

Butcher Block Islands Complement Modern KitchensAn island adds a lot of space to a kitchen with crowded counters. You’ll be able to prepare meals from scratch in comfort. You can safely cut up all your ingredients on your butcher block island. You won’t have to worry about keeping separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables.

Wooden cutting boards are typically regarded as unsuitable for meat because they allow bacteria growth. This isn’t true of our hardwood butcher block. Real hardwood is naturally antibacterial. Mass-produced cutting boards often aren’t solid hardwood and shouldn’t be used for meat.

With normal use, butcher block will incur scratches and cut marks. This just adds to the interesting pattern of the wood or woods. Don’t be afraid to use your good knives and heavy cleavers. That’s the main purpose of a butcher block island.

Is a Butcher Block Island Suitable for Entertaining?

If you add a few bar stools to your island, you have a perfect area for casual lunches, intimate dinners and serving at dinner parties. You won’t have to take up space on the dining table or clear the sideboard for dishes and drinks. Some clients just like the look of butcher block islands and don’t use them for cooking. Our butcher block is a great serving surface because we use a water-resistant finish.

Butcher block can be sophisticated or simple depending on the wood, style and stain (if you choose a stain). Stain isn’t necessary, but some clients prefer a stained surface to match other woods in the kitchen.

Your guests will think you’re a dinner party pro when they see your meal beautifully presented on your butcher block island. If you eat in the kitchen, your guests can serve themselves and take the pressure off you. Even if you’re doing the serving, it’s easier to get to what you need when everything is on your island.

Butcher block islands are perfect for family and holiday get-togethers. Your family will be amazed to learn that hardwood butcher block is safe for all food preparation. You won’t need to worry about setting up folding tables if guests are bringing food. You’ll already have extra space.

What Amenities Can I Add to My Island?

Sinks, waste holes and even cook tops are just some of the extras that we can add to butcher block islands. You’ll be surprised how much space you still have after you add a sink or cooktop to your island.

Sinks and waste holes are the most popular conveniences in kitchen islands. Waste holes hide your kitchen trash and reduce your cleanup time to minutes. No drops or spills on the way to the trash mean a cleaner floor.

All cooks benefit from a sink in their butcher block island. It makes cleaning vegetables, wiping down the island and washing your hands quick and convenient. We can suggest cleaning products that won’t damage your butcher block. Regular use requires nothing more than soap and water.

Does a Butcher Block Island Add Value to My Home?

Kitchens with butcher block surfaces automatically add value to your home. Butcher block is a big selling point due to its beauty, durability and usefulness.

A butcher block island makes a statement about your appreciation of traditional kitchen style and love of cooking and entertaining. Your new butcher block island is a phone call away. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 and have your island sooner than you think.