The Benefits of Beautiful Bathroom CountertopsMaryland Wood Countertops can help you to choose the best material for bathroom countertops. While there are many wood design options, you want to choose the one that will be right for your particular home. The countertops in your bathroom should be made out of premium materials so that they will last for a long time. There are advantages to choosing certain types of wood over other types, and we can help you decide what material will be best for your specific situation.

Some Popular Woods for Your Bathroom Countertops Include:


Oak is a beautiful choice for your countertops. As naturally water and rot-resistant wood, it’s also a strong and durable material that will work great in your bathroom or any other part of your home. With the right finish, an oak countertop will be a worthy investment that you can enjoy for years.


Teak is a water-resistant material as well. It has dense oils that help protect it from moisture. When you want a beautiful and reliable countertop for your bathroom, teak provides the perfect mixture of function and style.


Strong and stiff, walnut is another beautiful wood choice. It’s also shock resistant. With the right finish, this type of material can be turned into a lovely bathroom countertop.

Reclaimed Chestnut

Many people choose reclaimed chestnut for their bathroom countertops. It’s highly durable, and it already has naturally imperfections that make it unique. It’s warmth and reliability make it perfect for a bathroom setting.

Wood Countertops Will:

  • Blend in with your walls, tub, and flooring
  • Be easy to care for
  • Absorb sound
  • Can be renewed instead of replaced
  • Can look good no matter what design theme you are going with

Blend In

Wood materials will blend in with just about anything. A wood countertop will complement any type of flooring or wall paint color. It will blend in well with your tub and other fixtures as well.

Easy Maintenance

You want to choose a material for your bathroom that will be easy to care for. Wood can be gently wiped down with water or a light cleaning liquid. Natural cleaning choices like lemon and water can help your countertops to last and look their best. Just be sure to dry off your countertops so that they will endure for as long as possible.

Go with a Style You Like

There are many wood design options available when you go with custom choices. Your bathroom countertops can be designed around any motif.

Absorb Sound

Wood countertops will help your bathroom to be your own private retreat. Since wood absorbs sound, you don’t have to worry about making a loud racket if you lay your hair brushes, curling irons, flat irons, or any other products down on it. You can get ready in peace in a bathroom with this type of top.

Renew Instead of Replace

Although many countertop materials will have to be replaced after a few years, wood isn’t on that list. Although scratches may appear on your countertops over time, many people find them charming. Imperfections can often give wood character. If there are scratches that you want to disappear, you can always sand down your countertops and refinish them.

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